1.24 million Android smartphones are already in the MTS Ukraine network

Mobile operator MTS Ukraine calculated the number of smartphones in its network and made

disappointing interesting findings: The number of Android smartphones in its network exceeded one million and reached a figure of 1,240,000 units. The figure turned out to be rather big, although it does not reach the number of smartphones on Symbian - they are now in the network of the operator one and a half million. The difference, however, is that Android shows a dynamic growth rate of a serious 73% per quarter, while Symbian began the path of natural death in the absence of a “birth rate increase” with its -3% per quarter.

By simple arithmetic calculations you canestimate the sales of smartphones on Android, iOS and Windows Phone in Ukraine in the fourth quarter of 2012: 520,000, 100,000 and 45,000, respectively, were added to the MTS Ukraine network. What if to extrapolate the picture on the two remaining operators threes ”(I personally get a fair rate of 2.5) yields sales of 1.3 million units per quarter for Android smartphones, 250,000 for the completely gray market of all generations of iPhones and 110,000 smartphones on Windows Phone, consisting of a little more than Fully models of the Nokia Lumia line.

The number of smartphones in the network of MTS Ukraine on January 1, 2013

1 510 000 pcs.
(-3% for the quarter)

1,240,000 pieces
(+ 73% for the quarter)

331,000 pieces
(+ 43% for the quarter)

274,000 pieces
(+ 47% for the quarter)

143,000 pieces
(+ 47% for the quarter)