1.5 thousand genomes of coronavirus analyzed: there is no "British strain" in Russia

On behalf of the head of the Ministry of Health, the Russian consortium for sequencing the genomes of coronaviruses conducted

a study of more than 1.5 thousand genomes of a new coronavirus infection and found out that there is no particularly dangerous "British strain" in Russia.

The data obtained indicate a low rate of variability of the coronavirus and the effectiveness of Russian vaccines against COVID-19, noted the Influenza Research Institute, under whose leadership the study was conducted.

The analysis of changes in the structure of the surface protein S (thorn protein) showed that the majority of viruses (63.4%) differed from it by only one amino acid residue.

In the overwhelming majority of cases,mutation D614G, characteristic of the representatives of clade G and its derivatives GH and GR, which have a global distribution. In turn, 33.3% of circulating viruses carry 2–3 substitutions, and only 2.9% have 4 or more substitutions.

The specialists noted that monitoring of such strains continues on an ongoing basis.

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