10 best accessories for your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

They are not retrogrades, they are connoisseurs of truly simple and convenient things. We are talking about those who are still

runs with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and changes it tothe next generations are in no hurry. But if show-offs have no power over them, then their own crookedness or a villainous fate can render the smartphone unusable before its deadline. Therefore, you should properly protect it from impacts, scratches, chips, stains, fungi and mold. Although no, there is no protection against the last two misfortunes yet. But from the rest - please.

Strained glass

Absolutely transparent, thin, perfectcoupled with the screen of the phone and does not affect the sensitivity of the touchscreen. But at the same time durable, gryaze- and water-repellent, reliable and never failing - all this adjusted for the honesty of the seller, of course. And you can also choose the color of the frame to your taste (or the color of the phone): black, white or gold.

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Cost: $1.Want to buy!

Inexpensive shockproof slip case

This is a kind of constructor consisting ofprotective glass, side trim and the back panel, which, fitting, fit tightly the phone. In theory, everything should perfectly fit the size of the gadget itself and securely protect it. The assortment includes 6 colors, and you can vary the color of the whole structure (except glass, of course), and separately - the side and back (that is, either all red or black and red side edges). By the way, you can order a configuration without any glass at all - in case you already bought the first one from our list.

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Cost: $3–$4.Want to buy!

Cover - "armor" with folding leg

Protect so protect, we thought, and stoppedyour gaze on this corrugated silicone coating. Its thickness should absorb any blow to your smartphone - even if it falls from the nth floor, your gadget should survive, which is what we want for you. Available in 8 colors. Please note that in the price indicated below, we also included delivery charges - Ali does not dare to carry such a serious item for free.

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Cost: $4–$6.Want to buy!

Cute case for girls

Made from soft silicone with cutepictures - a great gift to a friend if you can’t afford the next smartphone model. In the assortment of 50 (!) Prints - you can definitely please. As an option - buy a girl 7 covers - it will turn out “a week”, they love it.

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Cost: $1–$2.Want to buy!

Transparent case with silicone bumpers

This hard case has no tempered glassonly from the side of the screen, but also from the back! And the sides are silicone, which provides additional cushioning and protection when dropped. Easy to clean and not scratch. According to the seller, the case is ideally fitted to the smartphone, the cutouts for the camera and the fingerprint scanner match them exactly. Is it all exactly, you know, just buying and trying on - as usual.

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Cost: $ 4.Want to buy!

"In rings and with ponts" - a cover with a ring support

Glossy cover that provides protection from dirt,moisture and shock. On the back panel there is a ring on the magnet, which folds back and turns into a stand for a smartphone - it is very convenient to watch the video or use the navigator in the car, for which, by the way, it is made non-slip. A wide range of colors.

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Cost: $ 3– $ 4.Want to buy!

Selfie Ring

In its class, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 has oneof the best cameras, so it will not prevent this removable ring with illumination. It is equipped with 36 LEDs and has 3 levels of brightness. Estets can choose one of 3 color options for the case. This thing is easily removed and put on the phone. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included).

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Cost: $4.5.Want to buy!

Silicone soft transparent case

Just classic, just convenient and just reliable.protects your smartphone from not too washed up or not too agile hands - both its owner and those around you who "just call." And even for a transparent case - there are 6 color options (different colors of opaque bumpers).

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Cost: $ 1– $ 1.5.Want to buy!

Hydrogel film for screen

Such a film should get everything outDepending on the model of the smartphone - it is not killed! In the place where the surface happened to scratch, the damage is delayed by itself. That is, the existing scratches on the case or screen, it certainly will not remove, but will make invisible. And the newly formed on its surface - will disappear as never happened.

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Cost: $2.Want to buy!

Tempered glass for camera lenses

As we recalled, the camera is a forte.Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. At the same time, all the covers leave a slot in front of her, and the poor thing is completely defenseless. This is where a special glass is useful, protecting the camera from damage, while not affecting the quality of images.

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Cost: $1.Want to buy!