10 best action cameras on AliExpress

Today, lazy people didn’t think about buying an action camera. The progressive public strives

get a device suitable forto shoot everything and in any conditions: from tricks on snowboards somewhere in the mountains to leisurely country walks with your beloved dog, which is constantly trying to get its nose into the lens. Many even manage to use action cameras as the main tool for a home vlog, which, however, can be put in your pocket at any time and taken with you anywhere to finish the necessary material. There are a lot of suitable options for an action-shooter - from GoPro genre legislators to cheap Chinese devices, the brand of which is as difficult for the user to know as getting any decent video quality from them. Today we will look at the ten most sold devices on Ali and try to figure out what they are with. It’s worth noting that we didn’t include some popular cameras deliberately in this list, firstly, not to embarrass you with very poor quality goods, and secondly, to illuminate the market more widely and demonstrate its diversity.

1. Eken H9R

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EKEN devices are firmly in first placeplaces in AliExpress sales lists and the most important among them is EKEN H9, the main device of its line at the moment (almost 13,000 of them are sold only in the official store). We’ll clarify right away that there’s no technical difference between the H9 and H9R, the only difference is whether the remote control (H9R) will be included or not (H9). The price depending on this will vary by six dollars. By itself, the EKEN H9 pleases consumers with a fairly standard set of features for modern action cameras: there is the notorious 4K, available, however, only at 25 frames per second (despite the fact that the manufacturer indicated 30 fps, in the device settings they are only available in 2.7K resolution), but in FullHD you can already shoot 60 fps, if you suddenly want an easy slow-mo; a two-inch screen, a 170-degree base lens, an HDMI output and the promised water resistance of up to 100 meters (in a waterproof case, of course). The main feature of H9, which the creators are very proud of, is the ability to stream live streams directly from the device to YouTube or FB Live. But there is one point: you can enjoy it only using the camera with devices based on Apple iOS. In the most basic configuration, the H9 costs $ 32, but you can dial a bunch of accessories into it for the needs of a particular user.

Price: $ 32. Want to buy!

2. Yi Lite

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One of the most popular manufacturing companiesaction cameras - Yi Technology (and, at the same time, part of the Xiaomi ecosystem - we have a separate article about this), which many still consider the main competitor to GoPro, is in no hurry to give up its positions in the middle price range: the Yi Lite model is confidently holding on to the first positions of popularity in the SERP on Ali. Created on the basis of the Hi3556 chip, Yi Lite already captivates with at least the honesty of the creators: instead of trying to shove 4k resolution into the device (which on budget devices is achieved mainly by hardware stretching of the picture), they limited themselves to [email protected], photos in 16 MP and electronicstabilization. The lens of Yi Lite is a bit narrower: 150 degrees instead of the standard 170. The two-inch screen is worth mentioning separately - unlike many competitors, here it is a touchscreen. In general, Yi Lite follows the Xiaomi design philosophy: nothing superfluous and sufficient quality components for the money.

Price $ 100 I want to buy!


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Unsinkable SJCAMs are still successfully promotingits classic model SJCAM4000, this time with the AIR postscript. In this model, the new processor (Allwinner V3) instead of the outdated Novatek96650, and also, of course, did not forget to squeeze the 4K @ 30 mode. Allwinner V3, however, supports a maximum of 1080p, which says a lot about how 4K is “honest.” Also, a touchscreen and support for memory cards up to 64 gigabytes were added to the classic model. The lens is still 170 degrees, but for some reason they decided to get rid of the electronic stabilization mode. In addition to the basic configuration, as usual, there are many options with accessories.

Price: $ 40. Want to buy!

4. Drift Ghost XL

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One of the most unusual cameras on the list of the best -Drift's Ghost XL model was initially positioned by the creators as a camera for motorsport enthusiasts. Its original form factor immediately sets it apart from the standard action “boxes” and suggests that it is intended primarily to be mounted on a helmet and at the same time not look like the arms of Telepuzikov. Also, the shape of the case, the purpose of the device is determined by a smaller viewing angle than the standard, here it is 140 degrees. There is moisture protection and the ability to connect an external microphone. What Ghost XL really boasts of is the battery: 3000 mAh is a figure that is unheard of for most competitors, and such a voluminous battery allows the device to function up to nine hours in a row.

Price: $ 122 I want to buy!

5. SJCAM SJ8 Pro

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SJCAM’s attempt to go higheras we can see, it is quite popular among users. In SJCAM SJ8 PRO we already have an honest 4K, equipped with an Ambarella H2 chip, and even with the ability to shoot at 60fps, and an extended battery of 1200 mAh, and support for memory cards up to 128 gigabytes. The screen is also grown up, now it is 2.3-inch and, of course, touch. But the photo (if for some reason you need an action camera as a camera) can be taken in a maximum resolution of 12MP. Oh yeah, even SJ8 PRO, unlike its more budget counterparts from SJCAM, supports a remote control device, which can be purchased in the kit.

Price: $ 130. Want to buy!

6. ThiEYE T5 Pro

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Another mid-price action camerarange, the ThiEYE T5 PRO is intended to compete, rather, with Yi Lite and in this battle it immediately throws its main trump card: the presence of 4K, and even the “honest” one, which the ICatch V50 chip provides for it. However, you can shoot only 30 fps, but for this amount there is quite a lot. Add to this the touch screen, a decent 1100 mAh battery and an absolutely gigantic amount of elements as standard (even the remote control device, which has to be purchased separately for many other cameras, is included), and you will understand why the ThiEYE flagship has rightfully won its position On the market.

Price: $ 97. Want to buy!

7. GoPro HERO 7 Black

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And under the drum roll our heavyweight, the great and terrible GoPro Hero 7, enters the arena!

For those who don’t know, it’s worth immediately clarifying what to buyYou pay a lot for GoPro for a brand, but do not forget about the consistently high build quality inherent in this trendsetter. The seventh model of GoPro Hero in the modification of Black, perhaps, can be called the best action camera of the last year in all respects. It shoots without problems in ultra-HD 60FPS, and even on standard 1080 it can do 240 frames per second. The image quality on the seventh “Hero” is beyond competition, and the built-in HyperSmooth stabilization system generally works wonders, at some points creating the impression that an external stabilizer was used. All this pleasure is worth a lot: in the basic configuration GoPro Hero 7 Black will cost you $ 293.

Price: $ 293. Want to buy!

8. YI 4K

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Specially Designed Yi Technology Modelunder the 4K format for three years now it has been enjoying the steady interest of buyers on AliExpress. Despite the fact that Yi 4k is already starting to become a little obsolete at the moment, its “honest” Ultra HD at 30FPS still attracts those who want a high-quality picture and are not ready to shell out for GoPro. In addition to the resolution mentioned above, which is provided by the Ambarella A9 chip, the Yi 4k boasts a traditional build quality for this company, a minimalistic design and the ability to connect a remote control device via Bluetooth. Otherwise, the characteristics of the camera are fairly standard, except that a slightly more capacious 1200 mAh battery pleases.

Price: $ 130 I want to buy!

9. Insta360 GO

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Another camera with an unusual form factor inToday's review: Insta 360 GO by Insta360 immediately attracts attention with its size: it is very small, this baby is positioned primarily as a camera for hyperlapse shooting, that is, creating accelerated videos. The camera is powered by the Ambarella A12 chip, which seems to be supposed to produce 4K at 30 fps, but the shooting resolution is limited. [email protected] in standard mode and slow-mo mode with captureat 100 fps, converted after in a special application at 1600x900 at 30fps. The camera also has a proprietary video stabilization system FlowState. Among the shortcomings, we can note the fact that it is not very convenient to control the camera, since it is not intended to be carried in the hands in principle, and for maximum efficiency you will have to use a smartphone with an application.

Price: $ 200 I want to buy!

10. AKASO V50 Pro

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An interesting AKASO camera completes our list,who have been trying to climb the top of Olympus action cameras for five years now and regularly declare that their products are the best alternative to GoPro. The V50 Pro, however, should be compared rather with mid-range products from Yi and ThiEYE, as they are similar in price and performance. AKASO V50 Pro runs on the Novatek96680 chip, which logically continues the Novatek chip chain underlying the same old SJCAM models. This model is capable of delivering honest 4K at 30fps, is equipped with a touch screen and the ability to connect a remote control device. The seller also indicates a mysterious Optical Image Stabilizer in the specifications, but we suspect that this is still the same good old electronic stabilization as in the V50x model, except that it is slightly doped.

Price: $ 95 I want to buy!

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