10 best selling DVRs on Aliexpress

Buying a DVR on Aliexpress is a good idea, because, as with any other purchase, the prices here are much higher.

lower than in local stores - that’s the casewhen time = money, and 2-3-4 weeks of waiting will allow you to achieve savings of tens of percent. To say that the range of these devices on the market is huge is an understatement, so when you have to buy one, your eyes widen. The operating principles of all DVRs are the same, the capabilities (at the same price) are the same, plus or minus. What to do and how to choose the right one? We've made it easy by selecting the top ten best-selling dash cams on Aliexpress for you. Here are only models tested by thousands of users from all over the world.

1. 70mai Dash Cam 1S Compact DVR

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Compact size of the gadget, voice supportcontrol, connection via the application - these are its main advantages. The device is produced without a display, but the camera accurately records every movement on the road. The night mode works properly, so objects are clearly visible even in the light of headlights and flashlights. This is achieved thanks to high-aperture optics, a SONY IMX307 video sensor and an Mstar Full HD chip. The application has voice control, although so far only in English. However, you can control the recording using voice commands. The gadget supports a memory card up to 64 GB.

Price:$ 40. Want to buy!

2. The most popular 70mai Dash Cam Pro

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This curious gadget is top-notchdeveloped by 70mai, a company specializing only in automotive electronics. This model of DVR has already sold 30,000 units in the company store alone! Optionally, you can buy a recorder with a GPS module (it superimposes the coordinates and speed of movement on the video). For voice commands in Russian, you need to select the Russian version when purchasing. There is a parking monitor with 24-hour recording. An additional advantage of the device is the increased viewing angle of the camera, which allows you to see 6 lanes of the road. Special WDR technology ensures clear recording in the dark, eliminating glare. The camera uses an intelligent image processing algorithm to compensate for fog and image distortion. If your budget allows for the version with GPS, you won't find a better dash cam in the world.

Price:$60. Want to buy!

3. Large display: E-ACE B28

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A simple mass model of a DVR withlarge 4-inch display and 2 cameras (for shooting inside the cabin, with the function "picture-in-picture"). You can optionally choose a gadget with an additional third rear view camera and a parking monitor module. Such a record is useful when:

  • accidents on the road;
  • theft in a car;
  • the need for evidence in court or police.

Using a special two-lens lensThe cameras can record not only on the road, but also inside the car. Thus, traveling with the whole family can be made even more exciting, because every moment of your trip will be captured on video. The G-sensor allows you to react to an impact or any damage to the car, even if it is parked. This recorder can be purchased in 13 configuration options with memory cards with a capacity of 8, 16, 32 gigabytes or without them at all. Which turns the purchase into a convenient constructor with dozens of various options and prices.

Price:$ 23-62. Want to buy!

4. Popular model of the registrar in the mirror: E-ACE A08

This recorder is in demand among buyers– today almost 10,000 pieces have been sold in the company store alone. It has a very thin body and is mounted on the rearview mirror, replacing it. Fastening occurs using two clamps. The camera's viewing angle is 170 degrees, and the image is displayed on a 4.3-inch screen inside the mirror. Optionally, you can order a model with a rear view camera - such recording is convenient for parking. The DVR can record video from two cameras at once. For a reasonable price, you get video recordings of the road in front and behind your car in one device. The buyer is offered 9 options for recording the recorder and 4 options for memory cards (including no memory) of different sizes.

Price:$22-55. Want to buy!

5. Fail-Safe YI Smart Dash Camera

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And this is the best-selling model among the popularwe (not least because the manufacturer is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem) of Yi brand DVRs. Small size, 2.7-inch display, control buttons on the case, support for voice alerts ADAS - these are just the main characteristics that make the camera a favorite of many drivers. It works through the application, so controlling the shooting is very convenient. Thanks to this video recorder, hundreds of accidents were recorded and dozens of robbers were caught. This model of the DVR represents the very "middle ground" in price, quality and features that will satisfy most buyers. Our advice - are you having difficulty choosing a registrar? Take this - you will not lose!

Price:$48. Want to buy!

6. Jansite recorder with a 10-inch screen in the mirror

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Don't let it bother you that you nevercame across this manufacturer. Aliexpress has learned to solve this problem using ratings. And the Jansite factory store has this rating of 97.5%, which allows the marketplace to include it in the list of the best brands and give it an appropriate badge. This is the most advanced model of a DVR mounted in a mirror, and in this model the touch (!) display occupies the entire surface of the mirror. It also allows you to display data from the front and rear view cameras, and offers a combined display option, when the screen is divided into two parts, where the video image from both cameras is broadcast. You can opt out of the rear view camera when purchasing, but we do not recommend it - the recorder only works with the “native” one, you cannot deliver “any other” one, they are incompatible. Thanks to image processing algorithms, shooting is less dependent on the weather and provides better visibility. The camera's touch screen allows you to control the field of view of the image by simply scrolling with your finger. The wide-angle camera lens allows you to monitor 3 lanes of traffic, even the rear camera has no blind spots - its coverage angle is 140 degrees (the front camera has 170). You can save a little ($3) by choosing a 480p rear camera instead of 1080p, but does that make sense?

Price:$40-53. Want to buy!

7. Inexpensive Maifengge CarCam Corder

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On AliExpress this dash cam isthe cheapest of the popular models (without a memory card it costs only $13 - a third of a tank of gasoline). The display is 2.7 inches, there is a miniHDMI output. LED illumination for night photography should improve the visibility of the image in the dark. An example of a popular and insanely cheap gadget for the “better than nothing” class motorist. Interesting arithmetic: choosing a 32 GB memory card in the package makes the recorder immediately one and a half times more expensive.

Price:$13. Want to buy!

8. Podofo A1 Mini

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Another budget DVR for smallsizes with a display diagonal of 3 inches. Recording is carried out in FullHD with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. Supports a maximum memory card capacity of 32GB. Provides seamless loop recording and motion detection functions. Thanks to the G-sensor, the sensor reacts to any damage or shock to the car, so you don’t have to worry about the vehicle even in a parking lot.

Price: $ 18. Want to buy!

9. Modern camera AZDOME GS63H

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The gadget will definitely appeal to fans of the cutting-edge (ifthis word generally applies to video recorders) equipment - it is equipped with built-in GPS and records video in 4K resolution. The store's rating of 98.1% also speaks for itself. This dash cam is capable of providing excellent pictures not only during the day but also at night thanks to its ultra-low light capture sensor with super night vision technology. The recorder has a viewing angle of 170 degrees and a 2.4-inch screen, which allows you to clearly read license plates and see detailed images. Also available are TimeLapse mode, a parking monitor, an optional rearview camera, and built-in Wi-Fi (available with a smartphone app). And it will apparently be useful to owners of convertibles due to its water protection.

Price:$ 54-68. Want to buy!

10. Nameless model ADDKEY

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This recorder has a low price (the mostcheap mirror-mounted model on our list) and popularity among Aliexpress buyers (more than 4,400 orders in the company store with a rating of 96.7%). The dual camera records simultaneously from two different angles. The display shows images from the rear and front cameras. When the car reverses, the “parking” mode is automatically activated, which provides an overview of the parking zone. Another plus is the presence of the G-shock function. When a vehicle collides, G-Shock automatically locks the recorded video, ensuring an accurate recording of the event.

Price:$19-23. Want to buy!

In the dry residue

If the DVR is not 100% capableprotect you from an accident, then you can certainly prove your case. And the costs of this device are incommensurable with the benefits that it can bring. Although each buyer of the DVR secretly hopes that he will never come in handy for their intended purpose, but do not forget about the regular opportunities to record an interesting video or take a picture while driving so that you can later share it with your friends on social networks. Few sellers talk about this feature, but all users of DVRs regularly use it.

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