10 cases with Aliexpress that protect your Kindle Paperwhite

Since childhood, we have been taught: a book must be respected and protected. And especially good boys and girls have their own books

wrapped in a cover:Whether it’s purchased or homemade from newspaper doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t needlessly fray the binding or get greasy on the ends. And the fact that now we don’t turn the crispy pages (without drooling our finger!), but swipe (in the same way - with a dry and clean finger), does not change things. If you are the owner of an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, which was awarded first place in our e-book rating, you should take care of the safety of your favorite e-reader, and for this you simply need a protective case. So let's go to the abundant Aliexpress for them.

A la corporate design

This is a classic leather magnetic case.fastener - looks almost like the original. A wide palette of prints (17 types) allows you to find your ideal cover even for the most capricious esthete. Although, of course, in the description of the goods indicated "everyday". Talk about glamor below /

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Cost: $ 5.5 - 7.5. Want to buy!

Cover for storage and voyages

It is made of durable 5-ply cotton fabric.which should provide protection in case of falling or ingress of moisture. Of course, if you turn a cup of tea on it, it may get wet. But you can run in the rain with an arm-packed book without loss. In addition, outside there is a pocket where you can put headphones, documents or a smartphone. Of course, to begin reading the mystery, your Kindle Paperwhite will have to be uncovered - this is still a case, not a cover.

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Cost: $ 4. Want to buy!

Cover stand

The cover-book is made of 3-layer polyurethane,therefore, there is hope that it will be able to protect the reader from blows and falls. The cover is easily transformed into a convenient stand (if the reader needs free hands). At the moment of closing the cover, its latch turns off the book, which protects the latter from unnecessary loss of charge - agree, a pleasant trifle. In assortment of 6 flowers.

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Cost: $ 5.5 - 8.5. Want to buy!

Comfortable cover with eyelet

Made of polyurethane "under the skin" cover inas a classic cover. But there is one highlight: there is an eyelet attached to the back panel where the owner's hand fits completely, which allows this very hand to conveniently carry your book in its beautiful new case. But how to choose from 17 colors the most beautiful?

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Cost: $ 6.5 - 9.5. Want to buy!

Creative drawings

Classic book cover made of polyurethane with a magnetic clasp. And we drew attention to this lot because of the amazing colors. Like, for example, this - based on the “Little Princes”

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Cost: $ 7. Want to buy!

Transparent silicone case

The easiest way to buy your Kindle Paperwhitejust a second skin - as you usually do with a smartphone. Of course, he is unlikely to protect him from blows or leaky hands. But from fat fingers and spilled coffee - perhaps, yes. But inexpensive.

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Cost: $ 3. Want to buy!

Moleskine style

If you are a fan of these legendarynotebooks, you will definitely appreciate this design. A cover made of “linen” mat, a characteristic rubber band holding the book in the closed position, 6 colors to choose from - do you know how to make your Kindle Paperwhite more elegant?

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Cost: $ 13. Want to buy!

Microfiber case

Another case in our collection, whichit is intended only for the storage and transportation of an e-book, but for reading it will have to be removed from it. Convenient for carrying a gadget in a backpack or bag, where it will obviously not be one - the thick and rather soft walls of the case will protect your book from scratches and scuffs, and in case of a fall, they will be able to absorb the impact. So you can wear Kindle Paperwhite and skates right in one bag.

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Cost: $ 5. Want to buy!

Economy option

In addition to the advantage in the title,This case is also eco-friendly, as it is made of natural felt. Again, in order to read, the gadget will have to be taken out of it. And to store again, put it in a nice case

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Cost: $ 2.6. Want to buy!

Vintage chic!

The combination of vintage motifs and ultramoderngadgets - it's always fresh and interesting. That's why you should put a leather case with embossed, vignettes and gloss on your Kindle Paperwhite. Now your reader does not only look good, but also runs the risk of meeting old age.

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Cost: $ 11. Want to buy!