10 controllers for smartphones and tablets that improve the chances of surviving in PUBG and its analogues

It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t hear about games like Warcraft, Stalker or Dota (we tried, we failed). WITH

most recent list of the most popular gamesreplenished yoke PUBG. The multiplayer player Game Unknown’s Battlegrounds in the Battle of the King genre was released in 2017 for Windows, and last year they made a mobile version for iOS and Android. In the four months since its release, PUBG has been downloaded more than 100 million (!) Times. This can not boast of any other mobile game. In addition, the mobile version has more than 14 million active users, which confirms its high popularity.

The game has 100 players who are plantedto the island. They find equipment and must destroy opponents - other participants. Wins the round of the team or player who will destroy all opponents. It is easy and convenient to play on a computer or set-top box, but how is everything going on the phone? Usually, the smartphone is held with two hands in a horizontal position. In this case, you can press the keys with the thumbs of both hands. The keys in the interface are much larger, which causes some discomfort when playing on a smartphone.

The solution to the problem was found quickly. The developers came up with new accessories that help to feel like a real gamer, even with an ordinary smartphone. In gaming computer mice for the game use additional keys. There are more keys in gamepads for game consoles, and they are more familiar to gamers, so playing them is easy.

You can turn the phone into a game console,using special gadgets. With these inexpensive accessories costing a few dollars, you can turn a smartphone into a gamepad with 2 or even 4 (which gives you a total of 6 keys) with additional keys. Experienced players are able to increase the character’s rate of fire with them to 17 shots in 2 seconds. The big plus is that these developments are suitable for both smartphones and tablets, without a difference - they work on Android or iOS. Before starting the game, the main thing to remember is to place the frequently used buttons in the game under the accessory keys. To do this, enter the game settings, select "Management" and click the "Configure" button. In PUBG Mobile, it looks like this:

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You can then move around the screenkeys, and adjust the game to your preferences. To make it easy and convenient to play, we present a range of accessories that will turn your idea of ​​gaming upside down. Their price is minimal, and you will enjoy the pleasure of playing on a Playstation.

Simple and convenient controller that does not overlap the image on the screen.

Due to the transparent material the controller does notprevents to fully see the constantly changing picture on the screen. These buttons are easily mounted and configured in two minutes. Paying less than 3 dollars, you get a universal gaming device.

</ img>

Cost: $ 3. Want to buy!

In order not to go into the settings

The developers of this device went the other wayand offered additional gaming keys on a flexible cable that allows you to change the buttons used during the game, without going into the settings. These buttons do not slip, which is very important in heavy combat. Suitable for any phone brand. And they cost nothing at all.

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Cost: $ 2.5. Want to buy!

Gamepad with cooler

The built-in cooler of this gamepad will not give the smartphoneoverheat. A serious gadget for real players who spend a lot of time behind battles (or just worry that their smartphone is hot). The gamepad is equipped with a silicone pad that protects the surface of the smartphone from scratches.

</ img>

Cost: $ 15 I want to buy!


This controller is very popular.on aliexpress. Not least thanks to the third button for shooting. Nearly 10,000 buyers have already appreciated its capabilities. It is presented in 4 versions of design (look carefully at all of them before purchasing, but the most popular is option D). Folding foot turns the gamepad into a desktop stand. Suitable for phones 4.7 - 6.5 inches. Easy to manage and customize.

</ img>

Cost: $ 5 I want to buy!

Dream "speeding up"

Simple and successful button placementGeymapada allows, according to the creators of this controller, to make up to 17 shots in 2 seconds! This accessory does not spoil the eyes, even with a long game. The design is stylish, but it does not distract from the image on the screen.

</ img>

Cost: $ 4. Want to buy!

For shovels and tablets

Another controller that is great forlarge smartphones and tablets, but no thicker than 10 mm. It is attached not on top of the tablet, but on the sides, and is controlled by the index fingers. Designed in two colors - black and transparent. Both look stylish and concise. Equipped with a fast and sensitive touch surface.

</ img>

Cost: $ 5 Want to buy!

Just comfortable

This is a device for a comfortable game. Buttons for controlling 6 fingers - in each controller there are two buttons, one is controlled by pressing the elastic plate, the second is controlled by the touch panel. It can be used as a stand for the phone. The design of the handles is designed so that they easily fit into one another, and during the game you can connect the charger cable, so you will not worry that the gadget is discharged during a crucial battle. Suitable for smartphones no more than 6 inches.

</ img>

Cost: $ 2– $ 5 Want to buy!

Available gamepad

The easiest option to connect additionalKeys - for successful fights for just half a dollar. Affordable price and high quality - the main advantages of this gadget. Lightweight and portable gamepad will make the gameplay very rich.

</ img>

Cost: $ 1.5 I want to buy!

Heymad for iPad

Designed mainly on the tablet, but it will fitfor smartphones. Convenient and portable, allows you to play anytime, anywhere. Its feature is a trigger that simulates the trigger of a rifle - an incredible feeling during the game, enhancing the effect of realism. It is worth noting comfortable handles with texture that reduces slipping from the hands.

</ img>

Cost: $ 8 I want to buy!

"Put out the light, throw a grenade"

Gamepad with handles in the form of grenades. The developers showed the maximum imagination and made buttons that repeat the shape of the trigger of the weapon. This detail allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game due to increased realism.

</ img>

Cost: $ 8. Want to buy!

These gamepads are easy to use, whichrepeatedly confirmed by positive reviews on Aliexpress. By choosing one of them, you are transported to the game world, without buying an expensive X-box. Press only a few buttons

Play, experiment and win! Only one must survive, and it must be you! Now you know how to make this task easier for you.