10 gadgets that Ukrainians will need immediately after the election

The sincere belief of the majority of Ukrainians is that a new life will begin the day after the elections

(multiplied by the general misunderstanding and ignoranceareas of responsibility of different branches of government), will again and again be touched by historians of the future who are interested in the first decades of the 21st century. True to her principles, it’s not boring to talk about different techniques. gg prepared a list of gadgets that will be in demand among the majority of the population of Ukraine immediately after the elections, regardless of their results.

Note Counting Portable

The first thing that, of course, need all withoutexceptions to voters, is a machine for counting money, which immediately begin to crumble from the sky. There are simple, relatively, portable options that run on batteries (but it can also work on the network, in case you have to recount bags of money indoors). But for people of considerable scale, there are more professional and faster and more productive cars. For example, such or such.

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The detector of notes with an ultra-violet lamp

Money, instantly beginning to get richcompatriots may receive cash, including foreign currency. To check the banknotes will help pocket currency detector with an ultraviolet lamp, which allows you to see the protective elements of bills, invisible in normal light. For his work, four AA batteries are needed. Attention! Sly Chinese trying to cash in on labor (albeit poured from the sky) revenues do not invest in the delivery set these batteries necessary for the device to work. They will have to go bust further (spoiler: but it's worth it!)

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Blowing Gun

Immediately after the election, whack up and shoot fromgun bills (not only to the heroes of the movie about online casinos to do this, eh?), you can use this useful gadget. It costs nothing at all - $ 14. Mere trifles compared with the resulting pleasure and a sense of self-worth after making the right choice. By the way, to heighten the effect (the neighbors are greedy, there is a chance to surpass them immediately!) You should buy a separate pack of sham 100-dollar bills for shooting.

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Moneybox "Cat stealing coins"

There is a very useful gadget option for everyonewho knows the simple truth: a penny saves a lot of things. This amazing device is generally obliged to be in the household of every thrifty person. It is best to use it, demonstrating the technological capabilities of the device at the guests. "See what a cute cat, straight mimi, put a coin here - you will see what will happen."

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Moneybox with electronic counter

This gadget is needed if you pour in from the skywill begin not only bills, but also coins. It looks like a regular transparent jar with a lid, but in reality it is a real smart high-capacity coin acceptor (the manufacturer promises that 800 to 1000 coins can fit inside). Before you smoothly, enjoying the moment, put a coin in the slot, you need to set its face value. The gadget runs on two AA batteries (well, you get the idea, yes? You'll have to buy them yourself).

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Universal (and no less high-tech)version of the gadget that combines the advantages of storing bills and coins. This is practically a home ATM in the form of a safe with a real combination lock! Yes, and voice assistant, commenting on the status of the device (although he says on a foreign, but you can see immediately - the import thing! Although, if you get tired of listening to incomprehensible words, you can turn it off - this, by the way, will save power and improve the energy efficiency of the device). Powered by three AA batteries (they are also not included).

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Field metal detector

Anyone who is willing to receive money not only inpassive mode, but also to move to action, a metal detector is needed. This popular model is sold in thousands of pieces, so it’s worth hurrying, otherwise all the precious metals (it can recognize gold), which will literally roll under your feet, will be picked up by more nimble and enterprising citizens. By the way, you can save on the purchase if you choose the option without headphones (that you don’t have headphones with a standard connector in your house? Take it from your neighbor with a new iPhone - they don’t care about it anyway).

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Smart lock Sherlock

All accumulated values ​​need to be protected somehow. You can start with the installation of a smart lock Sherlock. It is suitable for a significant part of standard door locks (carefully read the instructions on the product page). It is installed on existing locks and allows you to open the door using a fingerprint, an application in a smartphone or a regular key. In the application, you can issue virtual keys and limit the period of their use. It is possible to purchase additional physical key tags. The smart part of the lock is installed from the entrance side and is inaccessible from the outside. In the application, you can block access to the lock from the key, making it available only to the application, which is able to protect the lock from the master key breaking. An additional smart key costs $ 8.88, a removable battery (its charge should last for a couple of years) - $ 26.

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Padlock smart lock

You need to save not only the contents of the apartment orat home, but also, for example, cellar and / or garage. In this case, useful smart padlock, opening on the fingerprint. Technologies from science fiction films about the future are already available today! The lock can be used for the safety of your bike (of course, electric) or a travel suitcase (for traveling to the sea or emigration). This lock has IP65 protection against water penetration - it is not afraid of rain and snow. A pleasant surprise - the battery can be charged from USB and save on batteries.

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Smart lock for a desk drawer or chest of drawers

An economic person will always have thatprotect and in the house itself. Especially, if we consider that in the near future, guest workers from Poland will tumble into the country, who will become housemaids in the homes of suddenly wealthy Ukrainians. Therefore it is worth to spend money on a good smart lock for cabinets, secretaries, dressers and desktops in the house. Just do not install such a lock yourself, if you are not sure of your capabilities - entrust this work to professionals, so as not to spoil the antique furniture that can serve your grandchildren.

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