10 gadgets to fight mosquitoes: how they work and which ones to choose

Mosquitoes are becoming more and more inventive in finding their victims. They learned to sneak up quickly and

almost silently, and there are no particularly insidious individualsEven mosquito nets stop it. It is impossible to fight them off without special means, and today we will talk about popular gadgets for protection against attacks by bloodsuckers.

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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent "smart" fumigator

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In the device Xiaomi installed plates withdestructive for mosquitoes pyrethroids. They are completely harmless to humans and have no odor. The method of distribution of the active substance is not typical either - instead of a heating element, a fan is used, which is powered by two finger batteries. The smart version of the fumigator is equipped with a Bluetooth module for connecting to a smartphone. The Mi Home application displays the remaining resource of the plate, the user can also customize the work schedule. The non-smart option comes in the same design, but only offers a 10-hour sleep timer. It is activated by long pressing the power button.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent fitsfor rooms up to 28 m², and in order for it to work more efficiently, the manufacturer recommends closing windows and doors. In a large room you can put a few of these boxes. One plate is enough for 720 hours of work of the gadget, with an average of 8 hours of use per day, it will have to be changed every three months. Thus, for the entire season will take no more than three pieces. Batteries are discharged faster - in about a month and a half.

Batteries are not included when shipped fromOf china. In some stores there is a last year’s model in a round case (as in the video above). It will cost more, although it does not offer any additional chips. So it makes no sense to pay.

Cost: $ 13.79. Want to buy!

ZMI Portable Mosquito Repellent Pocket Mosquito Repeller

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Thanks to its compact size, the gadget can be everywherecarry with you. ZMI Portable Mosquito Repellent does not kill, but only repels mosquitoes. Inside is a round plate. It spins the motor, forcing the air to circulate and distribute the vapor repellent. There is a strap for carrying on your hand or bag, although in the open air a repeller is unlikely to cope with its task - particles of the substance will simply be blown away by the wind. But this is a good option for a tent or a cozy gazebo in the country.

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Plate life - 240 hours or 30 days at 8hours of work per day. The device works on two AAA batteries, and in order not to waste extra repellent, the developers added the ability to automatically turn off after 8 hours. Since ZMI is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, vendors often mention a Chinese company in the name.

Cost: from $ 10.51. Want to buy!

Mosquito exterminator Baseus Breeze

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Heavy artillery is being used.Inside the Baseus mosquito trap there are two ultraviolet lamps and an energized metal mesh. The insects are attracted to the light and when they get close enough they are shocked with an electrical shock. Dead pests (and they don’t survive after this) fall into the tray, which is easily removed and washed under the tap. Baseus Breeze is designed for rooms up to 120 m². It can be placed on a table or hung on the wall. The outer casing is made of non-flammable plastic and protects the user from accidental electric shocks.

If you include a shredder for 8 hours a day,power consumption will be about one kilowatt per week. Baseus Breeze works most effectively in the evening and at night, since natural light interrupts the light of UV lamps.

Cost: $ 53. Want to buy!

Electric fly swatter 3life Electric Mosquito Swatter

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If little vampires stubbornly don't want to fly intoset traps, you have to take matters into your own hands. Electromozhoyka also kills discharge current. With it you can hunt not only mosquitoes, but also on other insects. The simplest models run on batteries, and in the 3life version, a 1200 mAh battery is installed. The battery life is not reported, but the charge level indicator tells you when to connect to the network. In the evening, useful built-in lights. The racket is available in white and pink colors.

The manufacturer is known for working withXiaomi, and here we can not fail to mention another electric fly swatter from the Mi ecosystem. The model of the Yeelight brand is interesting in that it can turn into a stationary trap when installed in a docking station. But 3life Electric Mosquito Swatter will cost two times cheaper.

Cost: from $ 14.99. Want to buy!

Lamp Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Today everyone is inundated with such devices.online platforms. In theory, they should work like this: after reacting to the backlight, mosquitoes fly up to the lamp, and with the help of a fan they are sucked into a special container. Unable to get out, they die after some time. One problem is that there aren't usually many mosquitoes caught in the trap. The majority prefers to continue to drink our blood, not being interested in new gadgets.

The fact that the Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer Lamplaunched on Xiaomi crowdfunding platform, does not change anything. The lamp can be recommended except as a nightlight with an unusual design - it turned out really like a cactus in a flowerpot, this does not take away. The mosquito killer of another partner Xiaomi catches insects just as reluctantly. You can experiment yourself, but we would pay attention to other options.

Cost: $14.99. Want to buy!

Ultrasonic mosquito repeller

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According to the manufacturer, this box willscare away almost all harmful insects and even rodents. Sounds too good to be true? And there is. Studies have not confirmed the effectiveness of ultrasound radiation in the fight against mosquitoes - they react to sound waves in a lower range from tens to hundreds of hertz (for example, human speech). Actually, the rest of the fantastic properties of such devices also exist only in the imagination of marketers. Do not waste money.

Cost: $ 2.39. I'll just see, I will not buy.


Mosquito light shredder

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The device is a LEDlight bulb with built-in mosquito trap. With the help of blue lights, she lures mosquitoes and destroys them on a metal winding under voltage. Three modes of operation are supported: light, light + exterminator and only “anti-mosquito”. To switch between them, you do not need a remote control or a smartphone - just quickly click the usual switch. And do not forget to periodically clean the trap from insects stuck between the turns of wire. In the season, it quickly becomes clogged.

Choose versions with E27 socket, and if necessaryilluminate a large space; other sellers have more powerful bulbs (although due to their large sizes they will not fit into every lampshade). The best time to catch mosquitoes is at night, as the blue illumination is clearly visible in the dark.

Cost: from $ 3.28. Want to buy!


Lantern trap for mosquitoes

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Essentially, this is the same light bulb, but powered bybattery Even a waterproof case is declared, although without indicating the degree of protection. It is not recommended to specifically immerse the flashlight in water. The controls are as simple and straightforward as possible. One button activates the discharge mosquito trap. The second is responsible for normal light, and two brightness levels are available. The creators promise from 6 to 12 hours of battery life. The charging port is hidden under a flap.

The lantern is equipped with a loop for hanging. The 18650 battery is removable and can be replaced when worn.

Cost: from $ 11.81. Want to buy!

Mosquito trap into the outlet

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The mosquito killer is backlit and flatmetal grill. The principle of operation is the same - flying mosquitoes and other mosquitoes die from the discharge of current. The trap is inserted directly into the outlet. It is desirable that she was in a conspicuous place, but out of the reach of children. The design is flimsy and it’s easy for the child to remove the protective screen from the new luminous piece in the house.

Cost: $ 2.99. Want to buy!

Portable USB Fumigator

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One of the most affordable devices to combatmosquitoes - electric fumigators with plates. They are sold in any supermarket, and when there is no outlet nearby, this option with a USB connection comes in handy. It can be inserted into a laptop or an external battery. Plate warms, and more from the gadget and is not required.

Cost: $ 1.98. Want to buy!