10 gadgets Xiaomi MiJia for smart home, which you did not know

Xiaomi has been presenting its gadgets to the world for more than seven years, and there is hardly a person anywhere who doesn’t

familiar with this name.But the brand’s subsidiary MiJia cannot boast of such popularity yet. MiJia is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, and directs all the efforts and talents of its team to create technology for a smart home.

First, smartphones and first smart home devicesproduced under the same brand Mi, but when the goods literally did not count, the shareholders decided to create a separate brand - probably they themselves were confused in diversity. So was born MiJia. This momentous event happened in 2014, and since then Mi Ecosystem gadgets occupy a leading position in the market, turning simple houses into smart houses, and recent fantasy of futurists into everyday reality.

It is true that the company still does not haveown site, although Aqara and Viomi can already boast of such. Apparently, Mijia is quite enough site Xiaomi. But MiJia has an official Facebook page, so if you have any questions you can contact the official source.

For those who want to know more

Hieroglyph 家 (Jia, pronounced in Russian [dzha])translates as "family" or "race." Therefore, MiJia company names are translated as “Mi family” or “Mi for family”. With this translation they want to emphasize that the technique is designed for the whole family in order to make the family life more comfortable.

The brand logo consists of the letters M and J,forming a shield. This company focuses on the reliability of their products. As shown by reviews of numerous buyers, devices really deserve attention. After all, the filling of their decent quality, and the prices are more tempting than the competition.

Now it is difficult to single out one direction of the brand -they release almost everything. Sensors for the MiJia smart home, their smart lamps and kettles are popular in enlightened circles. But there is another technique, so far little known, and right now we will introduce you to it.

1. Smart liquid soap dispenser

Only users are accustomed to clever trashbucket and toilet lid, as the manufacturer went on. The automatic dispenser for liquid soap works from 4 AA batteries (are not included in the package). Refills with ordinary liquid soap, foams it, which, firstly, pleases the user, and secondly saves soap consumption. Regular liquid soap will do, but if you come across too thick, it is recommended to dilute it with water by a third. The infrared sensor starts the formation of foam, it is only necessary to bring his hand to the dispenser. The dispenser itself protrudes 2.5 cm forward from the body and is angled. Thus, the foam falls directly on the hand. The device of a modest size takes up little space in the bathroom, but saves your house from weeping soap dishes and unappetizing remnants inside.

Someone once thought that for a family of 3a person, taking into account that everyone washes their hands 3 times a day (probably, we are talking about a family, whose members spend most of their time at home) a completely filled dispenser bottle will last for 1 - 1.5 months. And 1 set of batteries will last 9 months.

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Cost: $ 20. Want to buy!

2. Smart Xiaomi MiJia Mosquito fumigator

The one who once invented the first fumigator is alreadysmart girl. And the Xiaomi MiJia specialists who created the smart fumigator are absolutely handsome. The device runs on two AA batteries and lasts for 30 – 45 days of use for 10 hours a day. It is refilled with a cartridge (one is included in the kit, then you need to buy more, it lasts for 90 days). It is also important that it works without strong heating. If you install a fumigator in a house, its power will be enough for a room with an area of ​​no more than 28 square meters.

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Cost: from $ 10. Want to buy!

3. MiJia Wiha smart screwdriver

What most often does a man lose in the house, exceptconscience and fear? That's right, screwdrivers from prefabricated screwdrivers. The Mi brand, together with the German (!) company Wiha, has developed the MiJia Wiha screwdriver to solve this problem. The set consists of 24 alloy steel attachments and an aluminum box with double anti-corrosion treatment. The screwdriver is tough and allows you to cope with any task. Received the 2017 RedDot Design Award.

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Cost: from $ 16. Want to buy!

4. Portable electric shaver

After electric toothbrushes and towels,the appearance of such a device is quite natural. The great advantage of this smart shaver is that it charges from USB (Type C port). This makes the razor a very convenient gadget, especially when traveling. Compact razor: weighs 100 grams, power 5 watts. It is equipped with Japanese blades and a special cleaning brush. Compared to its stupid counterparts, it produces far less noise. The battery lasts for 3 minutes shaving, if you do it daily for a month. A special control LED will warn the user that the charge will soon run out and, if the owner does not take action, will have to shave with a scythe. Although this is unlikely, as it is possible to recharge this razor even from a bank.

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Cost: $ 33. Want to buy!

5. Smart air purifier for auto

The car air purifier is capable ofFill the machine with fresh aromas in a few seconds. Completely purifies the air in a car in 3 minutes, in a minibus – in 7 minutes. In general, its nominal abilities are as follows: it purifies 60 cubic meters of air per hour. Attaches to the rear seat headrest with special straps included in the delivery package and connects to the car cigarette lighter (cable - 4.5 meters, consumption - 6.5 watts), produces a low noise level. But the most interesting thing is that it allows you to see the level of pollution PM=2.5 (i.e. fine particles up to 2.5 microns in size) using a proprietary application.

Minute of ecology: in more detail, what is PM 2.5 particles, and why it is so important, can be read here.

Multi-layer filter smart auto cleanerabsorbs evaporation, removes 99.97% benzene and 99% formaldehyde. A new replacement filter can be purchased in the same place as the device itself. You can control the cleaner from your smartphone, because - smart!

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Cost: from $ 14. Want to buy!

6. Smart toothbrush

You won't surprise anyone with an electric toothbrush. But even with this, it is not always possible to clean out food debris and plaque by 100%. How about an ultrasonic toothbrush?

Dupont bristles capable of making up to 31,000vibrations per minute. And with the help of the application, you can choose one of three cleaning modes and then evaluate the quality of it - thanks to 6 sensors. Neither the brush nor its charging station is afraid of contact with water, because they have an IPX7 protection class. Economical life hacking: to use one smart brush for the whole family, order a set of 3 extra nozzles using the same link. Another advantage of the gadget is that it can be charged both from the charging station and from USB.

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Cost: from $ 15. Want to buy!

7. Smart night light

Smart makes it a motion sensor, thankswhen a moving object (you, your wife, child and even mother-in-law) approaches, the nightlight will turn on for exactly 15 seconds. And there will be no casual bruises on your legs, no disputes, who will turn out the light in your family! Powered by AA batteries, which are not included. The dimensions of the lamp are 84 mm. The nightlight boasts a brightness of 0.7 to 3.8 lumens, a color temperature of 2700K. The smart device is so compact that it can be installed in the corridor, as a bedside lamp by the child’s bed or hung in a closet where there is little light. Having determined the location of the night light, it is easy to attach it to double-sided tape, fasten with screws or use a special hook.

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Cost: $ 12. Want to buy!

8. Smart induction cooker

The tabletop induction cooker although compact,but a pot or frying pan can easily be placed on it. Power 2100 watts. The stove is equipped with one burner and two buttons. There is a simplified “youth” version and a separate branded saucepan. But, in principle, with this thing you can cook in any cookware for an induction cooker.

The tile is lightweight - only 2.1 kg, which allowstake her on trips. By the way, there is a version with a European plug. The cooking mode is varied, you can cook porridge, soups, bake, stew. The expanded menu is in the application of the smartphone for preparation of complex dishes. Improve your culinary skills with a new gadget.

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Cost: from $ 46. Want to buy!

9. Smart Security Camera

Home camera with 360 degree viewing angle andnight vision mode will ensure the proper level of security for your den. To work, you need a memory card on which the picture is recorded. Supports microSD memory card up to 64 GB. The video is recorded in 1080 resolution, and you can watch the stream with sound. The camera has a wide view (rotates 360 degrees) and the H.265 codec. Now you don’t have to be afraid to leave your child at home alone. The camera has a two-way voice communication function - you can communicate with your child through the application. Connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi in just a few clicks. There is a motion notification mode, which makes it possible to use it as a security system indoors. The camera can be easily installed on a table or attached to the ceiling. The position does not affect the functionality of the gadget.

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Cost: from $ 38. Want to buy!

10. 4K action camera

We are all used to what Xiaomi action cameras doYi, but its action camera is also in the MiJia assortment. In size it is slightly larger than its counterparts, weighs 99 grams. This is all the merit of a plastic case with a rough surface. Due to this surface, the camera is comfortable to hold, because it does not slip out of the hand. Inside are the Sony IMX 317 matrix and the Bosch BMI160 gyroscope. The battery capacity of 14590 mAh allows you to shoot for 2 hours. Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, there is a 2.4-inch touch screen with a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels. There are lots of accessories that can be optionally selected in the store: holders for the head and wrist, for installation in the car, extra batteries with charging and waterproof case. The disadvantage of the camera is the lack of lens protection. But it's easy to solve by buying silicone plugs to protect the glass. Users note the high quality of photos up to 12-megapixel and long camera operation without recharging. For all this camera and loved by those who know a lot about it.

Cost: from $ 96. Want to buy!

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Despite the fact that MiJia is a young brand,the range is simply overwhelming. He is rapidly occupying a leading sales position, so competitors need to be alert. Good quality at a reasonable price - this is how you can describe the Mi brand.

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