10 key announcements at the Google I / O 2016 conference

The first day of the Google I/O 2016 developer conference was very busy. The search giant has unveiled a big

amount of new hardware and software. If you missed this significant event, we will tell you about the key announcements.

1. Daydream VR

Daydream is a virtual componentreality, which will be part of the new version of the operating system Android N. Also, Google has presented its vision of the ideal virtual reality headset and remote control.

2. Google Assistant

Just as Daydream is an updatefor Google Cardboard, and Google Assistant is an update for Google Now: a more friendly, smart chat with artificial intelligence functions that answers your questions, as well as being able to carry out your commands, such as ordering a table in a restaurant and more.

3. Google Home

Google has presented a similaran Amazon Echo device that will use the Google Assistant software assistant. Thus, you will not need a smartphone to get an answer to a question on Google, play music, control smart home devices, and more.

4. allo

Also, the Google Assistant Assistant willused in a brand new messenger called Allo. You ask, why do you need another application for communication? Allo offers unique artificial intelligence features, cute stickers, and many other interesting features.

5. Duo

No matter how strange it sounds, Google has releasedone more instant messenger application, but this time for video calls, like FaceTime on Apple devices. The application is called Duo, and its main feature is to pre-show pictures before you answer the call.

Allo and Duo will be available for Android and iOS this summer.

6. Android Wear 2.0

Platform for smart watches received seriousupdate. Similar to Android N, the new version of the operating system for the wearable device will be available in the fall of 2016. Android Wear 2.0 allows smart watches to work separately from smartphones or other devices. Also, the new version received three input methods: smart answers, handwriting and a small keyboard.

7. Android N

At the conference, Google I / O 2016 talked aboutSome features of Android N that were not previously known: Android updates will do the same as Chrome, a faster way to switch between apps, and a large selection of Emoji characters.

8. Instant Applications

Android Instant Apps or just Instant Apps is a completely new approach to downloading apps. Instant applications are not installed on the smartphone, but only provides temporary access.

9. More Android in your car

Android Auto is slowly but surely becomingit is better. Google has announced some minor updates on Google I / O this year. The newly acquired Google service Waze will be built into Android Auto. Also, the system will have both wireless Internet support Wi-Fi, and a wired connection method.

10. You can choose a name for Android N

Google has admitted that it is experiencingdifficulty with choosing a name for Android N, so invites everyone to choose a name for the next version of the Android operating system. To do this, go to the site android.com/n and write the name of the dessert or sweets, starting with the letter N.