10 Tips for People Choosing a Laptop for Creative Work and Mobility

Limiting your workspace or time for creativity exclusively to your home or office today already

just pointless.Fast wireless internet and mobile communications have given humanity freedom, and new habits have changed needs: for creative tasks, photo editing and drawing require a laptop with modern graphics, and for coding and watching TV shows - a powerful battery. Light weight and size suitable both for carrying in a backpack and for viewing images with acceptable quality, the ability to use in uncomfortable conditions - standing, in public transport, airplane or car - these are all important aspects when choosing a "personal assistant" to help realize creative ideas and will not let you get bored wherever you are. Do not forget that a laptop, like a smartphone, should emphasize the individual style of its owner, so design is by no means a secondary issue when choosing a gadget. And in order not to get confused in the endless number of proposals and to choose a laptop that will not become obsolete in a few months, it is enough to follow our practical advice for those who are now in search.

Tip # 1. A laptop should be more productive than you.

An idea or need for its implementation cancatch you anywhere. Therefore, even if there is no opportunity to recharge the laptop, its owner must be sure that the battery will last for the entire working day, regardless of what he will be doing - drawing, watching a TV series or filling out documents. For example, the developers of the HP ENVY x360 Convertible promise that the laptop can work offline for up to 8 hours.

The authors of the Tom's Hardware device review conductedseveral tests that included web browsing, OpenGL, and video streaming over Wi-Fi - for example, Netflix-powered TV shows. The device worked for 11 hours and 23 minutes.

Tip # 2. Using a laptop should be safe

During the pandemic, the media have repeatedly written aboutembarrassment that happened to people during video conferences: some forgot to turn off the camera, others - the microphone. The HP ENVY x360 Convertible has physical tools for this (not software): a dedicated camera shutter and a microphone mute button. Moreover, the closing of the camera shutter is noticeable visually: the hole in front of the camera is closed with a series of diagonal white lines, so it is difficult to confuse something and get into an unpleasant situation.

Well, do not forget to watch how, where and why youtransfer your data. Use only private, password-protected clouds or store on a removable hard drive. Do not give full access to the device when connected to shared Wi-Fi spaces. This is especially true for those who are used to working or being creative in cafes and airports.

Tip # 3: Choose your laptop so that you can use it even on the street

Remote workers are working on the street today, duringgoing out into nature or just living in rural conditions - away from the city and people, and some - right on the beach. And here the main thing is to see something in general. Many laptops are completely powerless in the face of the sun and bright light. What should you pay attention to? For example, the younger Envy x360 15 models come with a 250 nits, 1080p IPS touchscreen, while the upgraded models come with a 400 nits maximum brightness. And the wide viewing angle - 178 ° - makes the image on the screen visually perceived from any side.

Although the panel that coversonly 77% of the wider DCI-P3 color gamut (199% of the lower sRGB), not the brightest, there will be no problems using the laptop, even in a room where the midday sun penetrates unpleasantly. The notebook is calibrated with a Delta E <2 color accuracy. Testing with a Datacolor SpyderX Pro colorimeter shows 100% sRGB, 76% AdobeRGB and 79% DCI-P3. Therefore, the device is quite suitable for those who, for example, are engaged in editing or just like to watch a movie with an excellent picture.

Tip # 4: You can draw on an airplane where there is no legroom, or write on the go

Tasks can be very different, and the device can be oneand the same. The multifunctionality of a laptop has become especially important in the modern world, where a person can arrange his workspace anywhere. A freelancer or remote worker works in a cafe, on a long flight, and in a car. And if someone has ever tried to open a laptop on an airplane, then they will understand that it is not easy to do this in conditions where even the legs can hardly fit into the narrow space between the rows.

Way out:a laptop-transformer with hinges opening to 360⁰ turns out to be indispensable in this situation - both for typing and for graphic work. With the Envy x360's touchscreen and pen, you can work in Photoshop, draw, write, or code. And the hinges securely hold the display in all positions, so you don't have to worry about moving the cover if, say, you are working in a moving vehicle.

Tip # 5. The laptop should not remind you of speeds and times

Often the user's options are limited tothat the laptop bought a few months ago is already irrevocably outdated, and updates of various applications run up against its "technical ceiling". This is especially true today, when in order to create content on social networks, a person needs a whole set of applications for working with graphics, text and their own ideas. Under the hood, the HP Envy x360 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 is paired with the integrated Intel Iris XE GPU to deliver crisp, vivid visuals to the screen.

The processor includes 8 GB of RAMDDR4, 3,200 MHz and 512 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD are enough for basic graphics editing, watching movies, playing games and programming. And the Intel EVO platform further improves overall device performance, cuts wake-up times to less than a second, and fully optimizes battery life. The latter is especially important for those who prefer to travel and stay connected everywhere.

When choosing a device, it is also important to considerhow much you need to simultaneously perform performance-intensive tasks and whether the laptop supports multithreading. For example, the HP Envy x360 is 50% faster than its closest competitor at transcoding a 4K video file to 1080p. For those who regularly post something to Instagram or YouTube, this will be a nice bonus.

Tip # 6: The operating system shouldn't bring surprises

Of course, this tip is not for open source fans.and Linux. But the enhanced version of Windows 10 preinstalled on the HP Envy x360 allows you to use the device from the first day after purchase, and also meets the current conditions of safety and efficiency.

The laptop has a fingerprint scannerfor Windows Hello: Always works well and provides quick and easy sign-in. This is especially important for those who are used to leaving their laptop among colleagues or friends, as it will avoid embarrassment and unnecessary conversations. The device software also includes HP QuickDrop (for sharing files with a smartphone), HP Command Center, and trials for Adobe, Dropbox, ExpressVPN, LastPass, and McAfee software and utilities.

Tip # 7: Visual Ideas Are Important

In between work, you can do photo and video editing or just while away the time playing.

High performance and energy efficientthe NVIDIA GeForce MX450 graphics adapter can really impress, with the chipset running roughly on par with the GeForce GTX 1050 with 3GB of memory. Of course, it will not handle "heavy" games at maximum quality settings (here cloud services will come to the rescue), but it will allow you to comfortably run popular games at reduced settings.

The developers at NVIDIA note that such an adaptersuitable even for esports projects. At the heart of the GeForce MX450 is the TU117 GPU with 896 active CUDA cores. Core frequencies - from 1395 to 1575 MHz, memory - 10 GHz.

Tip # 8. You can watch movies anywhere

Support graphics are equally important for thosewho is engaged in design or just likes to watch movies in good quality. Although the Iris Xe cannot be combined with external graphics into a coherent whole, for example, for rendering images, Intel notes that this GPU is suitable for content creators on laptops, where video encoding is important, not gaming performance. This factor should be taken into account when choosing a device for your needs: whether it be drawing, creating design sketches or creative tasks for creating content.

Tip # 9. A laptop should be stylish and right for you.

When we talk about a device that is always withitself, is always located nearby and should not contrast with the external appearance of a person, design begins to play a significant role in the list of arguments "for" and "against" this or that gadget.

Even though the HP Envy x360 doesn't haveWith a premium gem-cut design like the Specter x360, it's still thinner and lighter - a bonus for students or those who are accustomed to creating absolutely everywhere, and therefore carry the device with them every day. The body is constructed from recycled aluminum for durability and environmental friendliness. The laptop is available in several color schemes Natural Silver and Nightfall Black. The reviews say that there are no fingerprints on the case, and the laconic design is suitable for coders and designers, students and office workers.

Envy Size in Aluminum Nightfall Blackis 35.8 x 23 x 1.89 cm, which is marginally less than the nearest 15.6-inch convertible models from competitors. Depending on the configuration, it weighs about 1.92 kg.

Tip # 10: Video conferencing shouldn't be stressful

Constant calls and online meetings have become like thisas commonplace as classic coffee breaks or cozy evenings with friends. But, of course, for any user, it is important how he looks during a speech or broadcast. And here it is not only about appearance - even if it will be a classic shirt over pajamas, if the employee works from home. Image quality is important.

The Envy x360 15 webcam is good in terms ofcolor accuracy and low light performance. For dark or morning video calls, the Enhanced Lighting app is fine: it lets you use the display backlight as a basic lighting for your face. In fact, the bright stripes of light on the screen can create the effect of a selfie lamp.

A modern laptop is also a creativespace, and a means of entertainment, and a device for communication and the performance of both work and a wide variety of personal tasks. And although the market is ready to change quickly and offer users all the new models that meet their changing needs, the greatest interest remains with devices that can become personal assistants for owners. The laptop should be high-performance, thin, light, with long battery life and versatility in terms of applicability. And choosing such a device with the help of our advice will be easier and easier: just analyze all the arguments and understand how the laptop you have chosen meets modern requirements.

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