10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for AliExpress

The bustle around Valentine's Day is a peculiar phenomenon. According to tradition, it’s kind of like giving

cards, flowers and sweets. But some want a pink iPhone, while others get socks and shaving gel.
Anyway, February 14th is anotherreason to go beyond the gray of everyday life, and to please your loved one. How exactly? A good question, and if we discard the gift options so beloved by techno-masculine men, in the description of which there are scary words like the GTX 1080, Core i7 or Snapdragon 835, it’s not so easy to come up with something interesting.

So here's a hint of a dozen ideas fora gift for a man on February 14th, which can be cheaply bought on AliExpress or other Chinese online sites. The main thing to remember is that all men are bastards in their souls little children, and this is even for the better.

1. Wooden clock

Stylish and eco-friendly, even with manyreservations. In the modern world, a chronometer is perceived more as an accessory than a necessity. Quartz watches in the case and with a bracelet made of natural wood - quite an unusual gift that fits almost any style of clothing. If you are not sure of the strength of the wooden bracelet, there are models with a fabric strap.

Price: $ 13.64

Where can one buy: gearbest.com

2. Wallet

Severe IT specialist will rather change three timeslaptop than once buy yourself a new wallet. And then - most likely, in exchange for the lost. So the idea to replace a shabby wallet with a new one is always relevant. In the pocket it is more convenient to wear models without a fastener with a button.


Price: $ 5.46

3. Quadcopter

It seems like an expensive gift, socks and even lessbeat on a personal budget. But here it is: or a big child will receive a gift, play out and calm down. Either he starts to understand the details, buys an expensive model, a set of batteries for it, a camera and other “gadgets”. In such a situation about any coat can not be considered. And don’t look at the gift “quadric” in charging.


Price: from $ 32

4. Three-dimensional puzzle

Surely you have a little, but traveling. Well, or planning to go somewhere. Assembling a three-dimensional puzzle constructor made of cardboard or wood in the form of sights from places you visited, will brighten up an evening or even two. Or serve as a transparent hint that it is time to plan a new, exciting voyage.


Price: $ 7.60

5. Stones for drinks

Fashionable thing with pathos patches and a hint ofelitism. "Whiskey stones" are cubes of solid faceted stone or stainless steel, which act as a cooling element, and reduce the temperature of the contents of the glass. In the case of metal, the shape may be different, for example, it may be balls or cartridges. But, unlike ice, such stones do not dilute the drink, thereby keeping the taste saturated. Of course, such a gift is better to support a bottle of something single malt.


Price: $ 4.97

6. Tie

If a man believes that a bow tie fromWood is not only combined with a “wooden macintosh”, it definitely has a sense of style. So the main thing is to decide on the style and color scheme of the gift. And as an option - to add a gift with a stylish comb for a beard and mustache ($ 1.96).


Price: $ 4.55

7. Case with Tetris

Many still remember portable electronic games.Type 999-in-1 with tetris, a snake and a nasty squeak. Modern technical progress has reached the point of absurdity that the whole game fit in an iPhone case. The double benefit from such an extravagant accessory is that the phone is protected and it will be good for you if you run out of battery.


Price: from $ 13.67

8. Apparatus for making popcorn

Regularly hear from someone the phrase “gone forpopcorn? Well, now it can be taken literally. The unit works without oil, which for the better affects the caloric content of the finished product, simple and easy to use. It is strongly recommended to all owners of TVs with a large diagonal.


Price: $ 20.98

9. LED-lamp

Night light with soft, muffled light in the formlovers' hearts will be an element of the romantic atmosphere on February 14 and not only. Of course, men preferred the same lamp, but in the form of a soccer ball. But you still have to rejoice at the gift.


Price: $ 7.80

10. Computer-game themes

Collectible Editions of Popular Computergames, as a rule, include various souvenirs that are highly rated by gamers. Vops (Vault Boy) - easily recognizable mascot of the cult Fallout series will take a prominent place on the computer desk of a fan at home or in the office.


Price: from $ 6.90

Prices are at the time of this writing, and over time may change both upwards and downwards.