100 useful goods from Aliehpress worth up to $ 5

Aliexpress has become a real treasure trove for online shopping due to its low prices and free shipping everywhere

We've picked out a whole hundred useful items worth up to five dollars that canThese are accessories that for a very, very modest amount of money will make it easierlife for motorists and gamers, housewives and music lovers, fans of selfies and music.You will surely find something useful for yourself.

For motorists

1. Charger

This charge has three USB connectors, soYou can charge multiple devices at the same time. It connects through the cigarette lighter. The maximum output current on each connector varies from 1 to 2.1 A, so when connecting your device, pay attention to this.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 1.07

2. Bag for small items

Convenient bag for organizing small thingsMounted on the back of the front seat with a flip strap. There are compartments for a bottle of water (0.5 l), a fastening key pocket so as not to get lost, compartments for a smartphone, tablet and other items that the owner of the car wants to put. The main thing is that now these things will not roll around the cabin.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 3.17

3. Adapter for attaching the dimensions of the trailer 13/7

In the case when the dimensions on the trailer have13-pin plug, and the socket on the car has only 7 pins, a special adapter is used. This adapter is equipped with a protective, resealable cover, and is also completely waterproof. Such a device is useful to store in the arsenal, if sometimes you have to use different forks on trailers.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 4.30

4. Hooks for bags and packages

Sometimes it strains the car what bags and bagsneed to put on the floor, after which they naturally get dirty. However, if you attach such hooks on the backs of the front seats, the problem will be solved immediately. They are free to hang bags of food, school bags and bags.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: 2.6 $

5. Air freshener "Panda"

This air freshener will surely pleasechildren, as it is made in the form of a panda face. With the help of special clothespins, it is attached to the “stove” grill or to some other place. There are 6 different colors of air fresheners, which have different odors. The manufacturer claims that the smell remains for 90 days, then naturally the freshener will need to be changed.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 1.01

6. Protective sun cover

The protective silver coating reflects the sun.rays, so the cabin will not heat up so much in the summer. It is attached to the car with the usual two suckers that come with it. In winter, especially when it rains at -1, the cover can be mounted on the windshield with the back black side, so that the water does not freeze to the glass and then not scrape the ice with a brush. The same cover is freely attached to the rear window (but only 1 pc is included).

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 2.99

7. "Sticky" mat

This small silicone mat has a stickysurface on both sides. One side is mounted on the car's torpedo, and on the other side you can "sculpt" small objects, such as gps-navigator, flash drive, coins, cigarette lighter, keys, phone, etc. You can buy them in seven different colors, but only white and black cost 38 cents, while the rest have a price of 57 cents.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: 0.38-0.57 $

8. MP3 player

MP3 player has a small LCD screen, severalbuttons for switching tracks and adjusting the volume, a connector for a USB flash drive and a remote control. It is connected, as usual from the cigarette lighter. Additionally, the player has the function of radio, reverse, and the ability to view the video (although on such a small screen it is not very fun to watch something). It is worth such a player less than three dollars.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 2.48

9. Pressure gauge

No one likes to ride a flat tire,therefore, it is important to regularly check tire pressure and pump them up at the right time. This digital device will allow you to check tire pressure in a car or motorcycle. It is very simple to use it: put it under the nipple, turn on the device and show on the screen how many atmospheres are currently pumped.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 2.85

10. Automotive stethoscope

Most car owners useThis gadget is designed to troubleshoot engine or rotating pairs. Diagnostics is carried out by the vibroacoustic method, in which the working probe is in contact with the engine at idle, as a result of which a “knock” or “noise” can reveal some malfunctions. The cost of such a stethoscope is low, and the thing in the household is quite useful.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 4.64

11. "Anti-Loss"

This keychain allows you to store keys in one piece andpreservation. If you suddenly lost your keys, you can quickly find them using a smartphone. To do this, you need to download the application “Itracing”, and on the maps a flashing light will show where the key is located. Keychain can be mounted not only on the keys, but also on a pet and even on a child, and then track their location.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


For gamers

12. Computer mouse

A computer mouse has two main buttons, twoside, which can be used, for example, to change the type of shells in the WoT, as well as the button for changing the dpi value located above the roller. This button is especially useful for those who play shooters when, when firing from optics, you need to quickly reduce the sensitivity of the mouse (maximum sensitivity of the mouse is 3200 dpi). When connected to a computer on a mouse, a picture lights up (not super beautiful in my opinion) in the form of some kind of circuit. Of course, the mouse is not made for professional cyber commands Navi or OG, but for ordinary users who want to save, is perfect.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $ 4.85

13. ASWD buttons

Every gamer knows the problem of these cherished fourkeys. If you have not yet erased ASWD buttons, then you really spend little time on shooters and other games. These tips are made of zinc and are designed exclusively for these four keys. They are not erased (or rather, they are erased for a very long time) and look cool against the background of the other keyboard buttons.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


14. Flash Drive "Poker Chip"

This media can be purchased with a memory capacityfrom 128 MB to 64 GB. It looks like a poker chip with the words Poker Stars. Perfect for fans of this game, and indeed all gamers and gamblers.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com

Price:$3.18 (16 GB)

15. Gamepad for games on smartphones

This gadget will be useful to those who oftenplays games on the smartphone. It works on smartphones running ios or android (the windophones are again bypassed). The gamepad has an on / off button, a joystick, android / ios OS switching keys, as well as two buttons for character actions in games. In addition to games, this gadget can be used for self-shooting (selfie). The manufacturer claims that the battery lasts for 40 hours.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


16. Fan

The best helper in the summer heat is perfecteveryone who spends a lot of time at the computer. Connects the fan through the USB-port. Its power is not too big (and for such a price one should not expect too much from it), but it will bring refreshment in the heat. Flexible rod can be bent as you like, adjusting to yourself. The fan can also be used as an additional cooler for cooling the laptop.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com

Price:$ 0.89

17. USB hub

A 4-port USB hub will be useful to those who have the number of simultaneously connected external devices exceeds the number of connectors in a computer or laptop. The device costs only a dollar with a penny.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com

Price:$ 1.09

18. Organization of a computer desk

If you are tired of a bunch of tangled wires fromvarious USB chargers and other devices that fill your desktop, then this gadget is for you. These are velcro clips with a hole for a wire that allow you to organize your workplace in such a way that it does not look like a Bermuda triangle. All wires will be neatly distributed across the computer desk. Included are 6 pcs.

Where to buy:aliexpress.com


19.Hot mug

The gadget was created for very busy users.computers. It allows you to heat up the liquid in a mug (or bowl), if one waits for you while you fill the frags in WoT. The maximum temperature of the heating is unknown, but boiling water just will not work.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


For communication

20. Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset will be useful as those to whomurgently need to talk while driving, and those who just do not like to stick the phone out of his pocket (for example, in the winter season). The work time during a conversation is 4-6 hours, and while listening to music, 4 hours (although who generally listens to music with one ear?).

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


21. Microphone stand

A small tripod allows you to comfortably fit.microphone while recording streaming games or videos on youtube. It is easy, so you can take it with you to various conferences. The head on a tripod can rotate around its axis. Its cost is a little more than four dollars.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


22. Microphone

This microphone will suit novice YouTube bloggers,who do not have sufficient funds to purchase high-quality recording equipment. It does not need an extra stand, as the holder is provided in its design. A flexible tripod allows you to bend the microphone as you like to set a comfortable position. Connects a microphone through a USB cable.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


Phone accessories

23. Case-wallet for smartphones 5.5 inches

The case has three credit card pockets andone wide for bills. It closes on the clip. This case is suitable for smartphones measuring 5.5 inches with the location of the camera in the center and the speaker below. For example, it can be phones Xiaomi, Microsoft (Lumia) and others. The case can be chosen in five different colors.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com

Price:$ 3.99

24. Shockproof case for iphone

Once again, to avoid repairing the iPhone afterFalling onto asphalt or another hard surface can be “dressed” in a shockproof case made of silicone. The case is suitable for iphone 4. In the “clothes” the phone becomes somewhat more massive, however, the probability of its damage when falling is less. Case in the store is available in ten different colors.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


25. Case for running

For many jogging in the mornings (or evenings)are an integral part of life. In order for the phone not to telepale in your pocket, and it was more convenient to listen to music, you can put the device in this wrist case. It is waterproof and suitable for phones of 4.7-5.5 inches. The case can be purchased in twelve different colors for $ 2.37 apiece, and only in a light green color can you buy it for $ 1.79. Why such a price for lime color is not clear.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


26. Stereo headphones with zipper

Stylish vacuum headphones styled asA clasp that can adjust the distance between the wires. Now the wires will not get tangled among themselves, and the headphones themselves can be used as a headset for telephone conversations. Everyone can choose a color to his taste out of six.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


27. Fisheye lens

This lens has three nozzles: fisheye, which makes the photo bulging, macro lens for macro photography and wide-angle, which increases the viewing angle of the camera and allows you to disrupt the number of objects caught in the lens. The clip-lens is suitable for Iphone 4, 5 and 6, for Samsung S4, S5, Note 2 phones and others. Optics are not great here, but still improve the quality of photos taken from the phone.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


28. Virtual reality glasses

We all remember the virtual virtual glassesreality created by Google for smartphones. Here on Aliexpress you can buy them for just 60 cents. They come in the unfolded form, after which they will need to be folded (it is easier to fold the plane). For these points have already developed several dozen applications.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


29. Waterproof speaker

This gadget is especially for those who lovedance and sing to the music in the bath (do they still like to do that?). The column is synchronized with the smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. It is equipped with five keys: on, two for turning the tracks, start / stop, and receive calls. At the same time, a microphone is mounted in a portable wireless speaker so that you can receive calls and communicate with it. The battery capacity is 400 mAh, which will ensure the column for about 5 hours.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


30. Selfie-stick

This device does not need anysubmission, as like him flooded most of the major cities of our country. Selfie-stick can work with operating systems Android and ios. The length of the selfie stick when folded is 20 centimeters. If it is decomposed, the length will be 80 centimeters (well, in principle, the standard).

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


31. Stand for phone

This gadget is perfect for a gift to a friend orrelative. Funny hare will hold your phone as Schwarzenegger in his young years barbell. Hares are made of wood and have five different colors. However, in order to choose a certain color, it is necessary to write about this in the PM to the seller, since there is no independent choice of color on the site.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


32. Housing for external battery

This case is perfect for rechargeable18650 batteries. Simply inserting the battery, you can build a convenient external battery for your smartphone or tablet. Please note that the battery itself is not included - you need to buy it separately.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


33. Dust protection for connectors

During the operation of the smartphone very oftenheadphone jack clogged with dust that has to be cleaned. To simplify your life and not to constantly clean the connector, you can close it with a special button (gag). When you want to listen to music, just take out the “plug” and insert the headphones.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


34. Stand for charging the phone

It happens that you need to charge your phone from an outlet,next to which there is no table or chair, and there is simply nowhere to put the phone. A universal stand can come to the rescue, which is placed directly on the charger inserted into the outlet. The phone sits neatly on the stand and charges itself quietly. This folding stand is convenient to take with you on the road, so that you can then charge your phone from an outlet in a station waiting room or in a hotel.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


35. LED lamp

Economical LED lamp is perfect forreading or even can serve as a night light. It has a USB connector, so it can easily work from an external battery or laptop. It consumes energy a little, so the consumption will be minimal.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


For kitchen

36. Sand timer

Many housewives prepare meals on time. These hourglasses allow you to detect time exactly 3 minutes. The clock can be attached to a gas stove or to a hinged shelf with a velcro. The clock can freely scroll around its axis, so after the completion of three minutes you can turn it over and the time (more precisely, the sand) will start again. This is a cool gift for any hostess.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


37. Digital timer

To cook more time just in time"Serious" dish, you will need a more "serious" timer. This digital timer can detect 100 minutes as much as possible, which is quite enough for preparing most dishes (of course, unless you bake a turkey in the Soviet oven - it’s kapets for how long it is baked). The timer can be attached to the refrigerator or any other metal surface using the built-in magnet in the rear panel, or put on the table on the leg. The timer works from the usual finger-type battery, which is not supplied with the product.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


38. Knife Sharpener

Surely everyone faced the problem of stupidknives that can not be sharpened on the usual sharpener mounted in the knife set (I have such a trouble with Peterhof) In this sharpener, two holes for knives, which allow you to sharpen a knife without nicks on the edge. The sharpener is suitable exclusively for metal knives.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


39. Knife "Bird"

This is a compact folding knife that is designedfor cleaning fruits and vegetables. This knife is convenient to carry in your pocket, as it takes up little space. If necessary, it can be floated when a tasty apple, in which a worm or a rotten part, is picked. "Bird" is in blue, yellow, light green and orange colors. It costs only two and a half dollars.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


40. Scissors for greens

In the summer of salads with greens are just a bang. To speed up the cutting of onions, dill, parsley and other useful greens, you can use these multi blade scissors. They allow you to chop greens five times faster than with a regular knife, as there are five blades in the scissors. This is an indispensable thing for any kitchen.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


41. Cleaning for citrus

You are not annoyed to peel oranges and tangerinesfingers, when under the nails are scored parts of the skin? This simple fruit-clearing for 15 cents will make it easy to clear thick-skinned oranges with one finger movement. A small cutter on the body digs into the peel and cuts it along the entire fruit - and hands are clean and hassle minimum.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com

Price:$ 0.15

42. Gadget for pitting

This device allows you to remove a bone fromcherries or sweet cherries with little or no damage to the fruit. This is necessary when you want to decorate a torus or pie with beautiful pitted cherries. Of course, this device is not suitable for seedless cherry jam (for you will get tired of picking thousands of cherries with this piece), but this item is what you need to decorate baking or tasty cakes

Where to buy:aliexpress.com


43. Cleaning "young" vegetables

This brush is made of polymer material andhas on both sides pimples. Pimples conveniently peel off a thin peel from new potatoes, carrots and other vegetables (not suitable for old vegetables). Also, the brush can be used to twist or unscrew any cans, bubbles and bottles, as it does not slip in your hand like a rag.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com

Price:$ 0.58

44. Onion holder

A device similar to needle knuckles,it is intended for uniform cutting of onions, and also in order that hands then did not stink with this vegetable corroding eyes. It is enough just to stick the “brass knuckles” into the onion and carefully cut it with a knife, holding it between the spikes - then you will get beautiful uniform rings, just on the kebab.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


45. Pepper cleaning

This gadget is a regularplastic tube of a certain diameter with a cut. It is designed to clean the pepper (sweet or bitter) from the seeds and tails. They are much easier to clean than with a knife, as the excess edible part is not cut off. A gadget for cooking stuffed peppers will be very useful. Included are two tubes of different diameter.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


46. ​​Perfect cutting of fruits and vegetables

This item is designed for perfect cutting.slices of vegetables and fruits. Just hold the lemon or tomato in the forceps, and you can gently cut the product between the ribs with a knife. Very handy thing when you are preparing for a celebration and cut a bunch of products.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


47. "Separating" the pulp from the peel

The device is a plastic hoop withwith a pen that can easily separate the delicious pulp of melon or watermelon from the rind (although I personally like to eat watermelon from a slice). It is very convenient when you need to quickly get a lot of pulp for making dessert. Also included is a small metal half-round spoon, which can “pick out” smooth fruit balls to decorate ice cream.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


48. Citrus Spray

It's a kind of spray dispenser.fruit (can and vegetable) juice. Spray is inserted into the fruit, after which you can sprinkle the juice into a salad or add flavor to the cake. After use, the spray is pulled out of the fruit, taken and easily washed with running water.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


49. "Anti-core"

The item is intended for cleaning the fruit core,such as apples, pears, etc. It is somewhat similar to pepper peeling, only here the tube is somewhat longer and has a cut in the middle and not at the end. After this thing you can eat an apple without leaving a stub.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com

Price:$ 3.56

50. "Smart" knife

Of course, this knife cannot accept messages andnotify about calls, count steps or pulse as a smart watch, but it can beautifully cut the pulp from watermelon, melon or pumpkin. With it, you can gently cut skins of pulp without peel and put on a plate, after which it is convenient to eat with a fork or a false one, without smearing your hands and face.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


51. Garlic grater

We often add garlic to our salad for aroma. This grater will allow you to grate finely garlic without smearing your fingers in garlic juice (by the way, the smell can remain on your hands for up to 12 hours). With the help of a grater, you can also finely rub the ginger for tea or some tincture. The most important thing is that it is impossible to accidentally damage your fingers or nails about this grater (which is very important for the fair sex).

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


52. Garlic Cleaner

This gadget is a siliconeThe tube is 13 centimeters long and 3 centimeters in diameter. It is necessary to put a few cloves of garlic in it, then with hands press the tube to the table and roll like a rolling pin. Peel lane in the process of skating. However, it is worth considering that with its help it will not be possible to peel young garlic, so the skin should be a little dry. The device is not very intricate, but it costs only a dollar with a penny.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


53. Slicing French Fries

This device has been available in all markets for a long timecountries, but the Chinese added more handles to it. Now “drive away” It’s easier to grow potatoes through the mesh, since you can hold onto the handles and press on the fruit with your thumbs. But if suddenly “knives” on the grid will be dull, then cutting French fries will turn into a hellish task. Therefore, when a cut becomes dull, it’s easier to throw it away and buy a new one, or just go to McDonald’s for fries.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


54. Pineapple tongs

Pineapple is too valuable product, so do not wantlose a piece of this tasty fruit. These forceps allow you to pick out seeds without removing excess pulp, while retaining almost 100% edible product. These tongs cost a little less than two dollars.

Where can one buy:aliexpress.com


55.Pineapple Knife

Cleaning pineapple always causes a lot of torment. It is necessary and clear the peel, and gently chop the pulp. As you imagine the excruciating cleaning of pineapple, the exotic fruit already does not want to. For this and need a special knife. Using it, cut the peel, cut the core and cut it beautifully, in 30 seconds, as the manufacturer promises. Perhaps it will take a little more time, but then the torment will definitely be much less than when using a traditional knife.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


56. Finger guard while cutting

For those who constantly cut their fingers duringcooking, invented a simple tool. He wears easily on the middle finger like a ring. And when you once again chop vegetables, you can not fear for their fingers. The thing is really cool, because you can forget about a sharp object altogether. It can be used for children helpers who are constantly asked to work with a knife. A convenient accessory will protect small fingers from the knife.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


57.Rack holder for covers

Convenient item for the hostess solves the issue sowhere to put the lid, trying or stirring food while cooking. Those who do not have such a bright rack, fit the cover where they can: on the stove, on the sink, and on the tabletop, and hold it in hand. But none of these options to the end does not suit the hostesses. A useful thing can be placed in the kitchen when folded, and fold out when it is needed.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


58.Sink Filter

There are many Ukrainian analogues of such a filter, butThis Chinese copy is distinguished by its brightness and convenience. There is a special “holder” in the middle of the filter, which makes it easy to pull out the device and get rid of accumulated debris. The fact that the filter is made of silicone eliminates the possibility of rust formation, as is the case with iron filters. Its price is not much more expensive than similar instruments of our production, so you can buy it for variety.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


59. nozzle on the crane

The Chinese love to make multi-functional items. This attachment is one of these options. She is able to rotate 360 ​​degrees, washing the entire space of the sink, clean water from dirt, make different water pressure and different options for water supply. It can pour in a continuous stream or in the form of splashes. The manufacturer positions the device as an option to save water.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


60 Tool for cleaning corn

Corn usually does not need to be husked.Since childhood, we have become accustomed to eating it straight from the cabbage. But in order to use corn in a salad or to preserve homemade corn for the winter, you have to work hard. Cleaning with a knife is not at all convenient. So we can once again say “thank you ” to the Chinese who invented such a useful thing. By simply placing the tool on your hand and moving it forward, you can clean several rocks in a couple of minutes. At the same time, the grains remain full-fledged.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


61. Molds for fried eggs and pancakes

To please your baby not only tasty, but alsoThe original fried eggs or pancakes in our time is very simple. Convenient egg-making molds on a skortovor will make breakfast more fun, and it will be doubly pleasant to eat. Such molds are no longer new for the Ukrainians, but nevertheless they do not cease to please both children and adults. The convenience of the Chinese mold is that it provides a holder that warns against scalding.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


62. Form for cutting strawberries


A handy thing for a beautiful sliced ​​strawberry. When using a knife for such purposes, strawberries can spread. In addition, the perfect slices still can not be done. But such a thing may not be useful for those who prepare the cake only once per child’s birthday. The option of cutting strawberries will definitely appeal to professional pastry chefs or amateurs to regularly cook masterpieces at home.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


63. Mixer Extension

At first glance, a completely useless thing.It may be very relevant to the house where there is a child. Parents know how difficult it is to constantly walk with the baby in the bathroom and set him up so that he can reach out for the tap and wash his hands. With a plastic extension cord, parents' requests to go and wash their hands will not necessarily have to be accompanied by an adult's personal presence during this process.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


64. Sausage cutters

The fashion of frying sausages in nature has come to us. In this connection, the tools that make an attack on the nature of the original, will be very appropriate. Plastic cutters for sausages make a beautiful spiral from the meat product. It is easily mounted on skewers and quickly roasted.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


65. Tea strainer

The little man easily unwinds in two parts, inHe poured tea, and then he goes into a cup of hot water. It looks like a person is relaxing in a hot bath, but at this time tea is brewing. Such a fun item will make tea drinking fun and fast.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


66. Stainless sticks for surface cleaning

For cleansing the pan from fat and soot inventedstainless graters. It is not convenient to use them, especially for women with a beautiful manicure. The Chinese came to the rescue and made stainless steel sticks with a holder. They also do an excellent job with the pollution, like the tools we are used to, but it will be much more comfortable to hold them in your hand.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


67. Tool for cooking chops

Chops love everything, but the strong sound thataccompanies their cooking, do not like anyone. Convenient Chinese tool (tenderizer) with sharp nozzles in the form of thick needles makes it possible to make cooking without sound. With such a device, the cooking process will not be limited to temporary etiquette. Even when the rest of the family is still sleeping, the mother can already prepare delicious chops for dinner.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


68. Portable bag sealer

The tool from plastic allows independentlysolder the package with the products to put it in the fridge. It is convenient to use the mechanism for those who make preparations for the winter in the form of frozen fruits and vegetables. It is not necessary to buy special packages. You can solder any, making it a convenient storage. Since it is small, then you can take it with you to the country, where usually the process of procurement occurs.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


69. Chopping board

Board of thin plastic, which bends,For sure it will be convenient for some housewives who strive for environmental friendliness in their kitchen. Although the board itself is thin, but its density is enough to withstand knife cuts. Of the comforts, I would note the drawings on the board, each of which shows its purpose. So you will not be confused on what it is worth cutting vegetables, and on what to carve fish.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


70. Container

Where does the hostess usually store new packages? As a rule, in a package more. It certainly does not look aesthetically pleasing, but there was no other way out. In this regard, it is easy to understand the effectiveness of the container, in which it is especially convenient to store packages for different purposes. It looks like a block with napkins from where you can easily pull out the bottom bag.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


71. Shaker for chocolate + stencil set

Morning coffee lovers will definitely be delighted withsuch a surprise! Prepare a “special” coffee using a set of shaker and stencil. After preparing a hot drink, you need to sprinkle chocolate on one of the stencils. This way you can get coffee that is no different from what you can buy in a trendy coffee shop.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


72. Cola on tap

Such a samovar for Coca-Cola. The original serving of drinks during the celebration of children's birthday (and not only children's, as adults also love to indulge in interesting things). Pouring carbonated drinks will be interesting, because for this you will need to press the lever. Only one action instead of unscrewing the cork, pour and re-tighten the cork. The device is very simple, but joy can bring a lot.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


73. Meatball Tool

When making cutlets or meatballs, everyone facessame problem – dirty hands. Not everyone enjoys forming cutlets by hand and washing their hands every time during cooking. A convenient plastic set will eliminate this problem. The cutlets will be formed directly on the stand using another spoon. In this way, time will also be saved. You just need to fold the minced meat and use a spatula to move the formed lumps into the frying pan.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


For the bathroom:

74. Toothpaste Holder

Bright holder with suction cups – convenient thingfor organizing space in the bathroom. Hang a few funny frogs in your bathroom and brushes with toothpaste will no longer be scattered on the shelves in the bathroom. Children will definitely love the fun toads, and adults will love how easily they attach to the tiles.

Where can one buy: aliexpress.com


75. Umbrella hangers

The bathroom is always a little room for differenttrifles, and so much to keep in this place. Hangers in the form of an umbrella will become a subject of decor, and at the same time they can become a storage place for various accessories, such as scissors, nail files, washcloths and more. Umbrella can hang like a hat up or down, which means that you can also install something interesting on the hat. Umbrellas are attached to the glass or tile.

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76. Device for supplying toothpaste

A very fun accessory for your baby will turnthe process of brushing your teeth into the game. Teaching a child to brush their teeth is not easy, but resourceful Chinese will always come to the rescue. Clicking on the dispenser, from the mouth of a cheerful animal will fall right on the toothbrush the right amount of paste. Sure with such a tool brushing teeth will be a game for children.

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77. Towel holder

Instead of traditional towel loops there aresucker option. A convenient bathroom accessory allows you to place a towel anywhere. It may even be the door of a locker at the knee level of an adult. This option will be relevant for kids, as they can not reach the hangers, where adults usually hang their towels.

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78. Toothpaste dispenser

Lovers to save on everything just looking for a long timesuch a tool to allow you to squeeze the toothpaste to the fullest. Putting it on the tube and constantly pressing on the dispenser, you can extend the life of the paste for another couple of days. Surely, those who like to calculate the money saved on such trifles already know how much money this device is saving.

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79. “Thermal nozzle” on the mixer

The Chinese can do from ordinary itemswhich we use every day, absolutely unique products. Instead of just a tap, they invented such that they are able to change the color (red, blue and green) of a jet of water, depending on its temperature. Thanks to this, washing hands will not only be unusual, but it will still be possible, without trying with your hands, to know whether the water is cold, warm or hot.

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80. Stand holder

The device is simply necessary in the house where he liveswoman, because they have so many important jars to the bath. And they definitely need to have 3 shampoos on the shelf, since naturally they use all of them. The stand holder on the suction cups will allow you to organize the space of the room so that all important bottles are in their places.

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81. Electric toothbrush

“Smart” the brush is not a new invention,but very useful for those who pay great attention to their oral cavity, but are sometimes too lazy to clean. In our time of technology, this will not be difficult. Of course, you should not expect the same efficiency from a Chinese-made brush as from its European counterparts. But in rare cases, it can be a good opportunity to freshen your breath.

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For home:

82. Pocket scales

Those who often visit the market will appreciate itfor such a gift. A scale that easily fits in your pocket is a wonderful gift for a grandmother who sometimes sells vegetables from her own garden at the market. Yes, you can also have a similar device for yourself. With such scales you will definitely never be deceived!

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83. Teeth whitening

This way will be appreciated by those who like to usevarious novelties in the field of beauty. LED lighting, according to the Chinese, can be used not only for the main task, but also for the purpose of teeth whitening. You can only understand the effectiveness of this method only through trial and error.

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84. “Windshield wipers” for glasses

Summer – It's that time of year when glasses are wornnot only those with poor vision. To keep sunglasses and other glasses clean and in good condition, they should be wiped regularly with a cloth. This gadget is much more convenient, as it can wipe glasses on both sides at the same time. The sponges are made of microfiber, so there will be no scratches.

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85. Portable Universal Remote

Although TVs are not used so often now,like computers, the need for them still remains. Universal remote, released by the Chinese, promises to be compatible with any model of TV. We are talking not only about imported TVs, but also about domestic ones, during the production of which we have not even heard of the console. It is difficult to say whether to believe that this remote control will really be universal, but only the Chinese will not invent something?

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86. Anti-mosquito device

Sellers explain the principle of operation of thisdevices action sound waves that kill insects. The disadvantage of the equipment is that it requires special care. It can not be washed with a wet cloth, for example. And it should be installed away from carpets and curtains. It is impossible to say for sure how effective this method will be and whether mosquitoes will bite you at night. But it's worth a try.

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87. Flashlight with a magnet

The device is more positioned asequipment for the assembly of small parts: bolts, gadgets and screws. The magnet attracts all these small elements to itself, thus facilitating a person’s complex search for such trifles. Especially such a flashlight with LED lighting can be a useful gift for those who regularly deal with the repair of computer equipment.

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88. Humidifier “Donut”

Increase the air humidity in the room (if it isyou are very dry) you can use this “Donut”. You just need to connect the gadget to your laptop or computer (I don’t know if it will work from a tablet via an OTG cable) and put it in a glass of water. After a couple of minutes, the water in the glass will begin to evaporate through the small hole in the “Donut”.

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89. LED lights

This garland is a tenseries-connected LEDs mounted in roses. Rosebuds can be of different colors. It is made by the type of garlands for Christmas trees, only it is cheaper and looks better. From it you can make beautiful bouquets and decorate the apartment.

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90.LED strip

This LED strip is slightly different fromprevious product and can be used for both interior and exterior, as it is waterproof. According to the manufacturer’s description, one meter of the tape contains 60 LEDs, although you can’t say that there’s such a bunch of them. The price is specified for 5 meters of a tape. With a ribbon, you can decorate anything (even a cat collar, so that you can see where it climbs), but you need to have a 12 volt power source nearby.

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91. Ironing “rag”

Anyone who irons clothes knows howYou can easily and quickly burn an expensive item. Since childhood, our grandmothers taught us that gauze will help us. This Chinese “rag,” made of dense mesh fabric, will protect clothes from scorching when ironed at high temperatures and will allow you to get rid of gauze. This fabric can be washed in cold water.

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92. Shoe Extender

Very often on the market when buying shoes for usconvince that she will stretch and subsequently will not crush. In fact, after several days of wearing, we begin to storm the pharmacies in search of adhesive plaster. This gadget will allow you to stretch your shoes or give it shape when we send it to the boxes to spend the winter. Thanks to the screw-threading device can be adjusted to the width of the shoe.

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93. Holder for clothes

Organizing closet space can be difficult.especially if he is small and has a lot of clothes. All those dresses that “have nothing to wear” for my wife, they will fit on one hanger. It can easily fit about 12 hangers, each of which can hang one set of clothes.

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94. Removable coat rack

Metal hangers like those who oftenMoves or loves to make a permutation in the apartment. Today she is hanged on the door in the hallway, and tomorrow she will already keep towels in the bathroom. Depending on the needs of the owners of the house, the hanger can be moved around the house.

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95 Beer bottle opener

Perfect gift for a man who lovesplay cards and drink beer. A metal card will become an amulet, and at the same time it can be used in case friends invite you to a bottle of beer.

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96 Manual fan

In the heat always want to sit right in fronta fan, and if there were still splashes of water coming from him, then prices would not be for him! Nothing is impossible for the Chinese. The hand-held fan works in conjunction with water, which will spray in the direction of travel of the blades. The only disadvantage of the device is that the water splashing function is manual, not automatic, so you have to work for your own pleasure.

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For garden and garden

97. Professional Sower

Not to select manually one seed,The device will allow you to set the required number of seeds. Having filled all the seeds in a common container and determining how many of them should be in the well, you need to put this number on the top cover. With such a professional sower, the process really should be greatly simplified (well, or you will simply feel more like a serious gardener).

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98. The lamp for the garden

It is not only beautiful in the dark, but alsovery practical. The device can be installed both in the garden and on the stairs leading to the house. Even if electric power in the area becomes unavailable, the lamps will continue their stable operation.

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For athletes

99. Pedometer

It makes no sense to buy a smart watch or fitnessbracelet, if you only need to measure the number of steps during the run. Very easy to use pedometer calculates the most important. If you do not need additional functions (hours, calories burned, heartbeat, etc.), then it makes sense to get a regular pedometer.

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100. Backlight on a baseball cap

In the evening, play sports, climbMountains and sitting in anticipation of a large catch will be nicer if there is good lighting. The lantern will not always be appropriate, as it is often necessary to hold it in hand, and this is not convenient either during fishing or during active rest. LED backlight is easily attached to the baseball cap and provides a person with stable lighting.

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