11 companies are digitalizing transport, industry and agriculture in Russia

The Supervisory Board of the Innopolis SEZ chaired by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam

Minnikhanov approved projects of 11 companies with a totalinvestment volume of more than 3 billion rubles. Residents and partners will create over 400 highly qualified jobs. New residents of the special economic zone "Innopolis" will develop solutions for the digitalization of transport, industry, agriculture and other sectors of the economy.

For example, the company "ID Solutions" will developAI platform for digitizing and analyzing various sports. One of the company's solutions - the idChess chess game recognition platform - has already been successfully used in chess schools. It allows you to record games on a real board on your smartphone, analyze games and send them to the coach via messengers. Options that are similar in functionality are distinguished by a higher price and complexity in customization. Another solution of the company is the idBilliards platform for playing billiards with the ability to collect statistics on the games played. It is already being used in specialized clubs.

In turn, Truckinstock will developmarketplace of cargo vehicles. He will take into account the wishes of customers on the choice and configuration of trucks, order transfer to production, selection of analogues in various parameters. Truckinstock is a project of a subsidiary of KAMAZ PTC - KAMAZ Digital Platform.

"Dion soft" will work on a system for automating business processes in a dental clinic. Such a product will increase customer loyalty and increase profitability through convenient services.

The company operates in the field of digitalization of veterinary medicine "A-Tracker"... She develops software forregistration and identification of animals on farms. The company will create RFID tags for chipping. They will make it easy to read all the necessary information about each individual.

One of the residents of the Innopolis SEZ will developFire safety automation software. The project will be handled by the Okhta-Prim Scientific and Production Association Center for Anti-Corrosion and Fire-Retardant Technologies. It will reduce the influence of the human factor in making technical decisions, increase the efficiency of design processes and simplify work with documentation.

Mettem Engineering will create an R&D center.He will be engaged in the development and implementation of smart transport technologies - electronic equipment, digital and telematic systems, software. Today the group of companies "Mettem" is engaged in the development and production of equipment, electronics for the largest domestic automotive enterprises.

Realize is developing a corporate mobile application that will be used at the Sokolov jewelry company to improve the efficiency of business processes.

The project of the company "Mobile Solution" - an aggregator,where goods and services of local producers from a certain region / city will be presented with delivery "day to day", and it will be easier for entrepreneurs to automate marketing processes.

Another application for obtaining the status of a resident of the SEZ "Innopolis" was submitted by the medical industrial park "PharmMedPolis RT", whose territory was included inspecial economic zone in January 2021. Now the park site is operated by the companies "Evotech-Mirai Genomix" (production of devices for genetic diagnostics of infectious diseases) and "Lanner" (production of personal protective equipment). All new companies that will be engaged in the production of medical devices and equipment in the park will also receive the status of a resident of the Innopolis SEZ.

Now more than 90% of residents of the SEZ "Innopolis"are engaged in developments in the field of information technology, and from 2020 a new direction for the development of the production cluster is being formed. Thus, one of the new residents, the Trendplast-M company, will launch the production of heat-resistant packaging and household plastic products using robotic systems at the site of the Innopolis special economic zone in the Laishevsky district of Tatarstan. The company "PSK" Smart Park "" on the same site will be engaged in the construction of industrial and warehouse complexes for a number of residents, for example, marketplaces and their partners.

"Special economic zone" Innopolis "from year tothe year shows stable growth in terms of key indicators. Today, there are 133 residents and partners working in the Innopolis SEZ, who have created a total of 3.9 thousand jobs, - said Roman Shaikhutdinov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan. - By the end of 2020, the cumulative revenue of residents and partners amounted to 23.1 billion rubles, which is 53% more than in 2019, investments - 28.7 billion rubles (+ 65%), and tax deductions - 4 billion rubles ( + 67%). 11 new companies, whose projects we have approved at the Supervisory Council today, will bring an additional 75.8 million rubles in tax payments in the remaining 8 months of 2021 alone, and in the next 5 years this figure will amount to more than 1 billion rubles. It is important that Innopolis has begun to diversify by industry and is actively developing not only the information technology sector, but also medicine and industry. This will give an impetus for a new round of development of the Innopolis SEZ ”.

“Business interest in relocation inInnopolis is growing every year. This spring, the second technopark, designed for 1.5 thousand jobs, was opened, - adds Renat Khalimov, General Director of the Innopolis SEZ. - The new building will house the companies that participated in the Supervisory Board today. They will create over 400 jobs and invest over 3 billion rubles. In the next few years, the development driver of the special economic zone will be large infrastructure projects implemented by investors that will create 13,000 jobs, in particular, two new technoparks, a data processing center of Rosatom state corporation, and an industrial innovation park. In addition to tax incentives for companies, the Innopolis special economic zone is interesting for its opportunities for the selection of highly qualified IT specialists, cooperation with other developers in the framework of large projects, and conditions for testing developments before they are brought to the market. "

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