112 million people play Minecraft every month, and sales overtake GTA 5

Minecraft has already celebrated its tenth anniversary and continues to grow further, leaving even GTA behind.

What is known

In an interview for Business Insider, Mojang CEOHelen Chan said that Minecraft's monthly audience has grown to 112 active users. In October 2018, the studio boasted that the game interested 91 million gamers. So in just a year, Minecraft was able to attract 21 million people.

“We found out that this is a game (Minecraft), in whichgamers keep coming back. This is not always a project that is in the foreground, because there are many other great games that keep coming out, but this is the one they like to come back to, ”says Chan.

In recent months the popularity of minecraftincreased. For example, “gaming bloggers” like PewDiePie and jacksepticeye regularly release videos with a cubic sandbox gameplay. In addition, “olds” suddenly woke up, who spoke negatively about Fortnite, but remembered Minecraft with warmth, raising the popularity of the project.

If we talk about sales, then, according toanalytics by Daniel Ahmad, an international version of Minecraft sold 180 million copies. For comparison: GTA 5 bought 110 million times. Note that the Rockstar project exists only on consoles and computers, while the Mojang game is launched on portable consoles and smartphones.