120 Hz screen in Galaxy S11 to be: technology spotted in Android 10 beta for Galaxy Note 9

Information has already appeared on the network that the Galaxy S11 may receive a display with a high refresh rate. It seems,

this has now been confirmed.

What is known

Yesterday after the announcement of the test firmware Android 10 withOne UI 2.0 for Galaxy Note 9, some Chinese device users found the option to change the refresh rate in the settings. Currently, no Samsung smartphone supports this function, which means we can say for sure that we are talking about the Galaxy S11.

In the settings you can select three modes:

  • always operate at 60 Hz
  • always operate at 120 Hz
  • change the refresh rate of the picture automatically.

Recall that next year there will be many smartphones with such screens. They are also credited with the new iPhone and OnePlus 8 Pro.

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