13 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13 and iPadOS

At the presentation of WWDC 2019, Apple introduced iOS 13 and iPadOS with a huge number of new features. Like every year, on

Some features of the company were inspired by jailbreak tweaks. Below we will tell you about 13 functions of iOS 13 and iPadOS, based on jailbreak tweaks.

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1) Dark mode

The most important feature of both updates is the long-awaited dark mode, which darkens the interface, reducing eye strain.

Apple's dark mode is great, but users with jailbreaks have long been able to enjoy dark mode thanks to tweaks like Eclipse and Noctis.

2) New volume control

Newer versions of systems no longer have an ugly volume control interface. It has become much more beautiful and smaller and does not occupy half the screen.

The design of the new interface is original, but for a long time there are many tweaks that also make it better than the old standard. The most popular of them are StatusHUD and Sonus12.

3) Updates via mobile Internet

If you have ever tried to update the application via the mobile Internet, then you are aware of the 200 MB limit. In iOS 13, this restriction did not, and now you can easily download any updates.

Jailbreak users could do this thanks to tweaks like Appstore Unrestrict.

4) Data Saving Mode

Unlimited mobile Internet is now available, but most users use tariffs with limits. Fortunately, there is now a special mode for saving traffic.

The same action is provided by the Membrane tweak and others.

5) Widgets on the home screen

In iPadOS, widgets can be fixed directly to the home screen, which is very convenient and looks good. For many years, this allows you to jailbreak tweak Dashboard X.

6) Improved text editing

In iOS 13 and iPadOS, text editing has changed a bit. Gestures for interacting with him have become much faster and more convenient. Tweaks, like SwipeSelection, also improve the way you interact with text.

7) Application windows

Apple Enhanced Multitasking on iPadOS by Addingapplication windows. Now you can open one application several times, which is very convenient for work. The company's devices were capable of this before thanks to the Quasar tweak.

8) Fonts

On iOS 13 and iPadOS, you can download and installdifferent fonts. Great, right? However, the jailbreak community has been doing this for a long time. Tweaks like A-Font and BytaFont have long been able to change fonts on jailbroken devices.

9) Improved Files application

The file manager has always been weak in mobileApple’s operating system, but this has changed in iOS 13 and iPadOS thanks to the new features of the Files app. Now it allows you to store files locally, share folders, read data from flash drives, etc.

No less convenient file managers for iOS are iFile and Filza tweaks.

10) Safari Download Manager

The Safari mobile browser finally has a file manager integrated with the Files application. Previously, the Safari Download Manager jailbreak tweet was for this.

11) Gamepad support

Now iOS 13 and iPadOS support gamepads from Sony PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE consoles. Previously, they could be connected using the nControl tweak.

12) Music app improvements

The Music app has been improved. Now you can easily see the song that is next in line and change this track. The tweak of ArtworkUpNext does the same.

13) Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard in iOS 13 and iPadOS now supportskeyboard shortcuts for different actions in supported applications. Advanced users will like this, although earlier they could use the KeyCommands tweak.