15-year-old Fortnite player won a million dollars in the World Cup

British teen Jaden Ashman along withteammate Dutchman Dave Jong won $ 2.25 million for second place in the Fortnite World Cup final. Money partners are going to split in half.

Fifteen year old e-sportsman

In an interview with the BBC teenager, speaking under the nicknameWolfiez said that he was stunned by the result. According to Jayden, he played Fortnite from the beginning of the release of the game, but unlike many finalists, he was relatively unknown, having only a few thousand subscribers in gaming social networks.

The boy's mother, Lisa Dollman, said they hadconflicts often arose due to his playing hobbies and the deterioration of grades in school. After one of the quarrels, she even threw out his XBox, but now accepted the choice of her son.

The final Fortnite finishes today at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, the winner will take home $ 3 million.