$160,000 gold nugget accidentally found in Australia

The man, who asked not to be named, used a budget metal detector to investigate

 In the 1800s, it was the epicenter of the country's gold rush.He brought his find for evaluation to Lucky Strike Gold, a store in the nearby city of Geelong.

"Our jaws dropped off the floor when we first saw this," Darren Camp, owner of Lucky Strike Gold, wrote on the company's social media page.He described the specimen as "an absolutely stunning nugget."

Initially, the man who found the nuggetI expected that I would get at least 10,000 AUD (Australian dollars, about $6,700 - Hi-Tech note) for it. However, the owner of Lucky Strike Gold immediately realized that its value was at least AUD 100,000. However, this was only half the sample. The man who found the sample said he split the stone in half, expecting to find a solid gold nugget inside.

According to the BBC, the stone weighs more than 4.6 kgcontained a whopping 2.6kg of gold worth $160,000 (240,000 AUD). While it's not uncommon to find gold in this part of Australia, Darren Camp said that in 40 years, "this is the most... I've ever seen."

After appraising the nugget, the owner of Lucky Strike Gold purchased it from an amateur prospector.

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Cover photo: Lucky Strike Gold