17 powerful flares recorded on the Sun in two days

It is noted that the plasma ejected during the outbreaks will reach the Earth on the evening of May 25 and provoke a moderate

magnetic storm. This could disrupt the operation of satellites in orbit, interfere with radio communication systems on Earth, and threaten the health of astronauts.

Among the flares, there were three M-class events at once.M-class solar flares are the average of large flares. They cause low (R1) to moderate (R2) radio interference on the daytime side of the Earth.

Despite the rather long duration,the amplitude of magnetic storms is expected to be insignificant - it will not exceed 2 levels on a 5-point scale. This is due to the fact that the strength of solar flares is far from record values. In addition, the direction of the coronal mass ejection has been slightly offset from the direction of the Earth, which will noticeably soften the impact force.

Observatory message

It is noted that the level of flare activity on the Sun is constantly increasing and decreasing with a frequency of about 11 years. However, this pattern began to be violated.

Many theorists suggest that such anomalies indicate fundamental changes in the work of the sun's interior, but the authors are inclined in favor of the fact that the cycle is gradually returning to normal.

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