20 African countries create the “Great Green Wall” of 8 thousand km to protect against the Sahara

The project, the cost of which is estimated at $8 billion, has so far been implemented by 15% - 11 million have already been planted in Senegal

In Nigeria, 4.8 million hectares of agricultural land have been restored, and in Ethiopia, 15 million hectares have been restored.The construction of the wall is scheduled to be completed by 2030.

Even the partial implementation of this project allowsincrease the resistance of the area to the Sahara. The green wall slows the impact of dry wind on the ground, restores the microclimate and allows you to grow food crops around trees that fertilize the soil.

The project will also generate more than 350 thousand new jobs in rural areas. In addition, trees will absorb at least 250 ppm CO₂ from the atmosphere.

According to experts, in case the Africancountries will not fight the spread of the Sahara, for millions of years, it can capture almost the entire continent, greatly changing the microclimate in the regions.

The area of ​​the Sahara is 9.2 million square meters. km. The area of ​​Russia is 17.6 million square meters. km, China - 9.6 million sq. km, Germany - 357 thousand sq. km, Georgia - 69 thousand sq. km.