2019 smartphones: what parameters choose?

Just a couple of years, and smartphones have changed dramatically. Here you and incredible infinity screens,

processor-integrated functionsartificial intelligence, high-quality double and triple cameras (and there are four, and more) and so on. And the performance of smartphones has jumped so much that they are pulling even desktop systems, that is, the power is not less than that of the same notebooks. For such a variety of advanced hardware chips could not follow the swelling of the market with a huge number of models for every taste and budget. Of course, abundance always has two sides for the buyer: on the one, there is plenty to choose from, and on the other, what to choose?

At the beginning of the year, a glut even provokedmarket downturn, however, manufacturers are not appealing, offering more and more technically sophisticated models with the original design. The latest trend (not yet ripe) is clamshells with flexible displays. And this is also a peculiar step forward. Smartphones are changing, and user preferences are changing. A couple of years ago it was honorable to have a smartphone with a Full HD display and three gigs of RAM, today these devices are, rather, in the budget segment. So what are buyers choosing today, what parameters come to the fore?

Display resolution

According to statistics, since last year the numbersmartphones whose screen resolution is higher than 1920x1080, has increased significantly. Of course, state employees are still selling more, however, the growth is staggering. There are many more people who perceive the smartphone as a regular dialer with some additional functions, and they simply don’t need any features they do not understand. Therefore, displays 1280x720 can be found quite often (in fact, they are less than 20 percent). But with the top resolution screens are not so much increased despite the fact that experts predicted a strong increase. Smartphones with displays 2160x1080 are not much added in quantity. This is due to the fact that they seem not top, and ordinary users are guided by the principle of sufficiency. Well, such a scatter is not noticeable to the eyes of a modern person. A more noticeable increase in the top resolutions 2340x1800. Here are the paths of lovers of people and holes for the camera.


Today it is very rare to meet a new one.smartphone 5 inches or something less than 6 ". The frames are decreasing, the dimensions of smartphones are growing a little, but the diagonal of the displays are increasing. Today, 6.4 inches has already become a kind of standard, and 7-inch smartphones have often come across.

Number of Cores

Today, 75 percent of all smartphones, thisprocessors with 8 cores, a little less than 25 percent are equipped with 4 nuclear chips. Remains separated stones with 10 cores or six. Changes here will be few, even in the medium term.


No matter how the experts say that even1 GB is enough for everything, volumes will increase. Users want them to have more open applications, however, most of them do not understand why they need it, because nothing goes anywhere, and applications run instantly. This year will make popular 6 gigabytes of RAM.

Storage device

Despite the development of all kinds of cloudservices, and with free services, users want as much as possible the built-in memory. Today, the standard has become a volume of 64 gigabytes. As a rule, this volume is filled with photos and videos, at the same time, they are duplicated in almost everyone in two or three cloud storages.


Of course, this moment can not be bypassed. The smartphone has turned from a dialer into a real photo and a video camera that captures all life. People like to show off this life. Accordingly, the cameras are all great demands. However, most simply do not understand what characteristics make the camera better. If single-module cameras with 13 MP, which are in top quality, and there are triple with 48 MP, but the quality of shooting is mediocre.

In general, a smartphone for different people has differentvalue, for some it is a tool, for others luxury and prestige. In any case, so that we do not choose today, after a while you need to get ready to change it to something more relevant.