25 useful tips for Apple Watch Series 4 owners

Apple Watch Series 4 is the first significant update to the Apple Watch series since the original model. They got

new design, larger display, new watch faces and impressive features like ECG and irregular heart rhythm detection.

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However, Apple Watch is much more than that.than all of the above. The watch is filled with small useful features that can be customized. Below we give you some useful tips on Apple Watch Series 4.

1. InstallwatchOS 5.1.2with by function ECG

Apple has released a new version of operatingthe system that activates the ECG function on the Apple Watch Series 4. Open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone and install the latest available version watchOS.

When done, open the iPhone Health app to configure the feature. She can use only people from 22 years.

When finished setting on the iPhone, opennew ECG application on Apple Watch. Place your hand on the table with your watch or your lap and put your finger on the Digital Crown wheel. Wait 30 seconds and try not to move.

After the set time, the ECG report will be ready. You will be notified if something is wrong with your heart rhythm, or if you have signs of arterial fibrillation.

2. Customize the information dial

One of the main advantages of the new Apple Watch is the large display. In addition, the new dial is also available, which uses all the space to the full.

Just choose among the dials informational, on which you can add up to eight different extensions. Plus events from the calendar, which are also displayed on the display.

These are many different extensions! Instead of setting up two or three different modular dials, you can put all the necessary information on one.

3. New visual dials

Apple Watch Series 4 has some very beautiful dials that highlight their stylish rounded corners. Be sure to try the fire and water dials.

4. Mute the soundApple Watch

By default, the Apple Watch ringtone sounds every time you receive a notification. However, this is not necessary at all, because one vibration is enough.

Open the Control Point and click on the bell icon to turn on silent mode.

5. ActivationSiriby raising arms

On the Apple Watch Series 4, you do not need to click on the Digital Crown or say “Hi, Siri” to activate the personal assistant. Just hold your hand to your mouth and start talking.

Siri immediately recognizes and executes your command. This method of interaction with Siri is faster and more convenient than the previous ones!

6. Use the dialSiri

The Siri dial in watchOS 5 has been updated and improved. Now on the dial displays recommendations Siri.

7. Turn off notifications onApple Watch

Now there is a quick way to turn off unnecessary notifications. Just swipe the notification to the left and press the menu button (...). Then select “Disable on Apple Watch”.

8. Receive notifications without sound

Notifications of some applications can be received without sound. This option is synchronized with the iPhone.

Swipe the notification to the left and press the menu button (...). Now select "Deliver without sound". Later, the decision can be changed.

9. Change volume usingDigital Crown

When any sound is played on your watch, you can use the Digital Crown wheel to change the volume without activating the screen.

10. Apple Watchfor of management camera

Open the Camera app on your Apple Watch, and the Camera will immediately open on your iPhone. After that you can take a photo by clicking on the Apple Watch.

11. Answer calls viaApple Watch

You can answer calls through Apple Watch when your iPhone is nearby. However, it is inconvenient to speak for hours at a time. Fortunately, during the conversation, it can be transferred to the iPhone.

12. Reply to messages viaApple Watch

On Apple Watch there is no system keyboard and, most likely, never will be. However, there are two ways to respond to messages, and they work with all applications that support responses from notifications.

Tap a notification and you'll see buttons. Press the microphone button to have the watch translate your voice into text. Alternatively, you can clickTto spell a message manually.

13. Do screenshots

You can take screenshots on Apple Watch while simultaneously pressingDigital CrownAndSide button. By default, the feature is disabled and needs to be enabled in the app on the iPhone.

14. quietly check the time

If you want to know the time without raising your hands,can touch the clock screen. However, sometimes the screen glows too bright. Instead, slowly twist the Digital Crown so that the screen lights up gradually. When you see the time, turn the wheel back so that the screen goes out.

15. Mode "Theater"

There are situations when you do not want Apple Watch to light up every time you move your hand or receive a notification. This can be eliminated by turning on the “Theater” mode in the Control Point.

16. Customize Management Point

In watchOS 5, you can customize the icons in the Management Point. To do this, at the very bottom of the control point, click the "Change" button.

17. Open the Control Point from the applications.

In previous versions of watchOS, the Control Point and the Notification Center could only be opened from the dial. Now it can be done from anywhere.

In the application, tap the display from below or above and do not release your finger until a panel appears, which you can then drag out onto the screen.

18. Use torch

The Apple Watch has a built-in flashlight. Open the Management Point and click on the icon with a flashlight. There are several modes available: normal, flashing and red.

19. Open the latest application by raising your hand.

If you have been using the same application on Apple Watch for a long time, then every time you open it after a lock, it will be boring. This can be changed in the settings.

20. Take your pulse

The Apple Watch has a built-in heart rate monitor, and you definitely will not interfere with measuring your pulse from time to time. To do this, simply open the corresponding application on Apple Watch.

21. Find youriPhone

Often users turn off the sound on the iPhone, becauseAll notifications come to Apple Watch. Because of this, many people forget where they left their smartphone, and for a long time they are looking for it. Fortunately, you can simply open the Control Point and click on the iPhone icon to play the sound that you find.

22. CoverApple Watch to mute

When your Apple Watch vibrates or makes a sound, or their screen turns on, simply cover your watch with your palm until sound, vibration or light stops.

23. Change your orientationApple Watch

If you are left-handed and it is more convenient for you to have the watch buttons on the other side, you can change the orientation. First you need to change the strap, and then go toSettings-&gt;Main-&gt;Orientation.

24. Add music onApple Watch

Usually on Apple Watch there are several gigabytes.available memory. You can take them with your favorite music so that it is always with you. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go to the “Music” section. If you turn on the feature, your playlists will be automatically added to the clock.

You can add albums and playlists and independently. Click "Add Music" and select an album. It automatically downloads to Apple Watch when the watch charges.

If you have a mobile phone model, you can listen to any songs from Apple Music, no matter where you are.

25. Listen to podcasts onApple Watch

Now for smart watches available the whole application Podcasts, in which you can listen to your podcasts from the iPhone when it is not nearby. Read more about the application here.