267 million Facebook users found a database with personal data on the network

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a huge Facebook user database that was

in open access.

What posted

In total, the database was information about 267 millionusers, and more precisely - 267 140 436 entries. These are mainly US residents. Hackers got information about accounts, phone numbers and names, but passwords and accounts remained safe.

This information can be used for spam mailings, phishing and other cyber attacks. Also, hackers can fully reveal the identity of the user.

The database was publicly available on one of the hacker forums from December 4 to 19, that is, during this time it could easily be copied.

Who did this

Hackers from Vietnam are suspected of leaking. Most likely, they took advantage of scripts viewing the pages of a social network, or vulnerabilities in the Facebook API.

Facebook investigates the data leak and says:

“We believe that the data was stolen before the security policy update and the changes Facebook made in the last few years.”

The provider on whose servers the database was stored has already deleted it.