3 applications to increase security for iOS

Apple products are considered to be the safest gadgets, since the manufacturer

places increased demands on preservationprivacy. However, this does not mean that by using an iOS device, you are completely protected from any vulnerabilities. Attacks and other threats are not impossible, so using a VPN is the right decision. There are quite a few VPN options now, but only a few of them are the best in Russia. By using a VPN, you not only increase security, but also give yourself full access to web content.

Many users still believe that everythingwhat is stored on a mobile device is strictly confidential information. But they do not even suspect that in addition to virus attacks, cybercrime activities and other threats, your cellular provider can collect data from the device and then resell it. Unpleasant feeling to understand that your privacy can interfere without your consent. That is why you should think about using VPN.

The main advantages of using VPN

  • Data protection
  • High level of privacy
  • Data encryption
  • Access to geographically limited web content.

We have selected for you the three best and most powerful VPNs for the iOS platform. Below is detailed information about each of them with a detailed description of the features.

  1. NordVPN

Top first place in the VPN list by rightowned by NordVPN. The main reason — highest level of security. Here we can confidently talk about the use of military-grade encryption protocols (256-bit AES encryption), the use of NSA. Maximum protection against leaks of all kinds of data.

Today there are more than 4800servers worldwide in 63 countries. This allows you to access geographically limited content. In addition to the maximum level of security, you are also guaranteed complete anonymity.

Key features

  • Dual VPN Encryption
  • Presence of emergency shutdown function in case of shutting down the VPN Circuit Breaker Kill Switch.
  • Good performance testing speed.

Using NordVPN is as simple as possible: you should simply choose from the options offered a server anywhere in the world and then connect to it. Next, your IP address will be changed to the server address. Thus, you initiate your presence in another part of the world.

A nuance that is also worth mentioning ispossible deceleration speed, although in the framework of testing speed was good It should be understood that this feature can affect the quality during playback and viewing of the video or when streaming data. Short-term interruptions of the connection are also not excluded, but just for this, the function of automatic switching off the Kill Switch is provided here.

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is in the top three thanks tohigh speed and performance. This is the main advantage that provides the maximum popularity rating among all VPN services. ExpressVPN user reviews come down to the fact that this is the most convenient and fast VPN service for those who regularly watch video content and use streaming. Minimum delays and failures are practically reduced to zero.

Main advantages:

  • High performance
  • Lack of feeling you are using VPN
  • An iOS application with an intuitive interface and simplified configuration
  • Ability to protect up to 3 devices on one account

ExpressVPN Specialized Application forThe iOS platform can even use a newbie in the VPN issue. There should not be any difficulties, especially provided for a detailed guide to setting up an account. By analogy with other services, you will also need to select the desired geographical location, and after that perform all the current daily tasks (viewing web content, working with e-mail, etc.). Please note that the ability to protect simultaneously up to 3 devices from one account can be a plus for those who have at their disposal several devices at once.

  1. CyberGhost VPN

Another secure VPN service that has many advantages. In particular:

  • High speed and excellent performance
  • Available over 3000 servers worldwide in 60 countries
  • Using protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2T, 256-bit encryption.
  • Ability to protect up to 7 devices from one account
  • No data storage function. Logs are not saved. Information about your activity is not available. Complete anonymity.
  • Good customer support.

After a major upgrade CyberGhost VPN againamong the fastest services. And even with simultaneous use of up to 7 devices, speed and fast action will remain at a high level, fast connection is maintained. Accordingly, this VPN service should be a priority for those users who are interested in protecting their home iOS devices and those used for business.

We hope that the choice of VPN service for you will benow more obvious. Top 3 best VPN with a detailed description of the benefits is now always at your fingertips, which means that the right decision in the selection of a secure service will now be much easier to make. All three of the above services have a high level of security, and this is a priority quality when choosing. You are guaranteed online privacy and protection from outsiders. Choose for yourself the suitable option!