3 out of 4 - iPhone: Apple continues to skim the cream of the premium segment

The premium segment of smartphones is extremely attractive for all manufacturers due to the possibility

raise margins (mark-up on top of cost) andget more profit from each sale of the top flagship. While Chinese brands have gone out of their way in recent years to lure the wealthy with the attractive features of premium smartphones, the reality is that their market share is only accelerating the decline, with customers increasingly opting for the iPhone. This became known today from a fresh report by Counterpoint Research researchers, who cited the figures for 2022 and compared them with 2021.

It turned out that the share of Apple increased from 71 to 75%, andthat means 3 out of 4 high-end smartphones sold in 2022 have an apple logo on the lid. Even Samsung, still the leader in the overall smartphone market, managed to sell 5% fewer flagships than in 2021. But things are worst of all for Huawei and Xiaomi, whose sales fell immediately by 44% and 40%, respectively. On the other hand, due to the low base effect, Google and Honor showed growth of 110% and 118%, although they still occupy only 1% of premium market shipments.

Another interesting fact was thatdespite the global drop in smartphone sales by 12% in 2022, the premium market in unit terms not only survived, but even showed growth by 1%. And it now accounts for 55% of all buyer money coming into the industry.

    © Vladimir Kovalev.

    Sourced from counterpointresearch.com