3rd Generation MPOW Jaws Wireless Headphones: 13 hours of playback for $ 20

We continue the section of interesting devices on Aliexpress. Yesterday we wrote about the Baseus card reader in the lip form factor

lipsticks, and today we’ll tell you about MPOW Jaws 3 headphones.

What is known

These are wireless headphones that canboasts a battery life of up to 13 hours, a CSR 8635 chip for high-quality sound and a noise reduction system with CVC 6.0 technology developed by Qualcomm.








The headset also has a microphone for conversations,several control buttons, Bluetooth 4.2, which works within a radius of up to 10 meters, and special magnets so that the headphones do not dangle when not in use.

How much are

MPOW Jaws 3 is currently asking $20. Available in four colours: Royal Blue, Black, Purple and Grey.