450 g of air escapes from the ISS daily

According to the head of the American ISS program Joel Montalbano, the air leak from the ISS continues,

its volume is approximately 450 grams, which is less than 0.5 cubic meters.

We keep the hatch to the service module, where small air leaks occur, mostly closed. We are still detecting minor leaks. That's a little over a pound a day. It doesn't bother us.

Joel Montalbano, ISS American Program Manager

According to Montalbano, this has nothing to do with the incident at the Science module.

Recall that earlier the module was successfully docked.to the ISS, after which its engines suddenly turned on. Because of this, the height of the station has been changed. It has now been restored. NASA noted that there is no danger to the crew.

This situation has already happened with othersspacecraft on the ISS. Montalbano added that there were possibly two more cases when the engines were unintentionally turned on, so such situations are equally considered urgent.

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