5 drinks that increase inflammation in the body

According to experts, certain foods such as canned meats, fried foods, sweet treats and

others may exacerbate chronic inflammation. Drinks can also hurt. Edition Eat this, not that listed which. Discuss

  1. Sweet latte.

While studies show that coffee on its own can have beneficial effects on inflammation, supplements such as syrups and whipped cream can negate the benefits.

  1. Oat milk with sugar.

Milk alternatives are often touted as healthy when in fact they may be high in sugar, which aggravates inflammation.

  1. Sweet tea.

Many sweetened drinks have little to no nutritional value, meaning they only give you sugar and calories.

  1. Store-bought smoothies.

You don't know what they contain. It probably has a lot of sugar in it. It is better to make your own smoothies at home.

  1. Soda.

The problem is also sugar.

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