5 reasons why Windows Phone is better than Android and iOS

The modern smartphone market is divided into two parts: Android and iOS. Most news is somehow related to

operating systems from Google and Apple. But amid all the noise, Microsoft is trying to reassure its fans and offer as many useful features as possible with its Windows Phone platform.

Contrary to conviction, Windows Phone is stillsold fairly well in developing countries. Of course, Microsoft’s mobile platform cannot offer such advanced functions and features as Android and iOS, but it has some positive aspects. We chose 5 reasons why smartphones on Windows are better than Android and iOS.

Quick and easy

Windows Phone is simple and convenient.the user interface, which consists of square blocks, unlike Android and iOS, where each application is a small icon on the desktop. At the same time, applications on Windows Phone are loaded in a flash.


Any smartphone on Windows Phone is able to work.for 14 hours on one charge. The most demanding users discharge their mobile devices in 10 hours. Such results are possible due to a well-thought-out operating system that limits the work of unnecessary applications in the standby mode.

Durable and durable

The first smartphones on the Windows operating systemwere produced by Nokia, which has long been a leader in the mobile device industry. Lumia smartphones are famous for their durability, while not losing visual appeal.

Top cameras, especially professional models

Lumia smartphones are known to have the bestcameras on the market. Nokia Lumia 1020 is one of the smartphones that changed the way photos are taken on mobile devices. Most smartphones on Windows Phone 8.1 offer ISO settings, exposure and shutter speeds.

Stand out from the crowd

Many users believe that smartphones onWindows offer more comfortable use than Android. And there is some truth in this. Keyboard swipe (already available for iPhone), customizable action center, lock screen that displays notifications from social networks Facebook, Twitter, and more.