5 Tips for Buying a New iPad or iPad Pro

Have you been given or have you bought a brand new iPad or iPad Pro yourself? Congratulations! Your new iPad will open the world for you.

of opportunities. You can do a lot of interesting and useful things on the tablet, and not just browse social networks and play games. Be sure to read our tips below.

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Apple touts iPad and iPad Pro as PC replacement. Maybe this is still not true, but using a tablet you can do much more than just absorb content.

5. Gestures

Like the iPhone, the iPad and iPad Pro with iOS 12 introduced a gesture control system. If this is your first time using an iPad, we recommend that you read our instructions and remember all the basic gestures.

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4. Multitasking

Your new iPad Pro gives you endless multitasking options. You can use several applications on the screen at the same time. Read how to use the function below.

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3. Tips

You have a lot to learn about the new iPad or iPad Pro. Read our articles in which we will teach you how to use your new tablet to its full potential.

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It is also worth reading about the new features of iOS 12, of which there are many.

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2. Applications

The usefulness of your iPad depends on which applications you install on it. There are a lot of good apps on the App Store, but they are not always easy to find. Fortunately, we will help you with this as well.

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The iPad or iPad Pro is great for watching movies and TV shows thanks to its large display and stereo speakers. We’ll show you how to download movies and TV shows to your tablet for free, bypassing iTunes.

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1. Keyboard shortcuts

If you bought a keyboard for your new tablet, then you should remember the convenient and useful keyboard shortcuts. With their help, you will make your work more productive and simple.

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