50% of Russians do not trust the state biometric system

Experts from the NAFI analytical center conducted a survey and found that exactly half (50%) of Russians do not

supports the creation of the Russian Unified Biometric System (UBS).

Only 19% of citizens have already placed theirdata, and 25% of those surveyed are still going to do this in the future. Most of them are young people: citizens aged 18 to 24 (25%) and from 25 to 34 (22%). Among the mature part of the population, from 35 to 44 years old, 20% are ready to share using biometrics, while among citizens over 60 years old, only 19% plan to provide the EBS with their data.

Every third respondent who did not planto share his data with the EBS, he could not specifically explain the reasons for his decision. The rest either did not see the need for this, or were afraid for the safety of the information.

Every tenth person who has not uploaded their data does not use the EBS, because they are afraid of surveillance and do not want to be listed in the database, or they consider this data too personal.

More than a third of the respondents have not even heard that there is an opportunity to pass biometrics in a bank.

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