509 wins without hands: a paralyzed gamer set a record in Fortnite

Guinness Book of Records replenished with a new achievement for the gamer. Rocky Stoutenburg set

Fortnite's record for most games won using the joystick to control its mouth.

What is known

Stoutenburg was fond of hockey, motorcycling andvideo games, but after the accident, the guy was paralyzed from neck to toe. Most of the hobbies had to be abandoned, but the games in Rocky’s life remained when his brother gave him a joystick to control the character’s actions with his mouth.

“This is a controller with a side tube, threecentral tubes, an analog joystick and a lip switch at the bottom, and [for playing] you just sip or puff in 4 holes, move the analog joystick or press the lip switch, ”Stoutenburg explained.

At first, Rocky could not get used to this.management, but did not give up practicing. In the end, the guy got the hang of it and switched from singles to competitive ones, playing “royal battles” like PUBG and Fortnite.

In the last, Rocky made great strides. As of March 2019, he has won 509 matches and earned 11 kills in one match. Thanks to his accomplishments, Stoutenburg set a new record on the Guinness World Records 2020 and Guinness World Records 2020 Gamer’s Edition.

Moreover, Rocky earned his victories not in splendid isolation, but with the audience on Twitch.

“Being a part of Twitch is a lot of fun. You have a lot of friends ... you never have to play alone - you always have someone to play with or someone to talk to. Twitch is a really good community to get involved in, ”Rocky said.