5th generation Apple Watch: Always On display, compass and noise sensor

At the last event, Apple announced the release of smart watches Apple Watch Series 5. Differences from the past

there were few generations, but all of them are quite consistent with the manufacturer’s course.

What's new

In the Apple Watch Series 5, the display appearedThe long-awaited Always On feature. First of all, it allows the user to use the device just like a watch. After all, it will be enough just to look at the screen to find out what time it is. The included display does not affect autonomy in any way, it remained at the same level - 18 hours. This was achieved through the use of a more energy-efficient display.

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In terms of functionality, Apple continuesto develop the theme of health - added an application with a calendar of women's cycles, a compass and a noise level sensor. The Apple 5 Series watch with a modem has learned to make emergency calls in 150 countries around the world (even without an iPhone). Unfortunately, the innovations end there, except for new variations of the case (for example, from titanium) and straps.

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Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS will cost 399dollars, for a model with LTE will have to pay 499 dollars. Together with the release of a new generation of watches, the manufacturer reduced the price of the Series 3 to $ 199. Last year's Series 4 was removed from sale, so as not to compete.

Promotional video from the presentation of the watch: