6 best car wireless chargers for iPhone and Android

Today we will tell you about the six best wireless devices in the car to charge all iPhones and

Android smartphones with technology support. With them, you can always easily charge your smartphone on the road somewhere and at the same time not to be confused in the wires.

Charging a smartphone is not the best pleasure,but this is a necessary procedure. For the smartphone to work, it needs to be charged, and it is very inconvenient if the charge runs out by noon. Therefore, we like wireless charging so much. You can just put the smartphone on the stand, and it will begin to charge. If you have an expensive car, this can be done even on the go.



Moreover, for such a luxury it’s not even necessaryhave an expensive car. Now there are many chargers made specifically for cars. We appreciated many of them and collected the best for you.

Rectangular Flat Qi Wireless Charger For Car Console

This charger is not intendedspecially for the car. This is a regular charge of the Qi standard, but due to its convenient shape, it can be placed on the dashboard of your car. If you find a way to fit it somewhere, it will serve you well. In addition, this charge is very cheap.



Buy: 2 in 1 Flat Qi Wireless Charger For Car Console: RUB1418

One-Handed Advanced Smart Car Wireless Charger

This is one of the best and most advanced chargers.devices. With it, your smartphone will automatically lock and unlock using infrared technology. Charging is not cheap, but definitely worth the money. You can see for yourself by watching the video above.

Buy: One-Handed Advanced Smart Car Wireless Charger: $ 19.99

The second option with different colors: Baseus Qi Wireless Charger Car Holder for iPhone

Similar wireless charging with a different design: Air Vent Phone Qi Wireless Car Charger Holder for iPhone from $ 13

Gravity Auto-Locking Car Wireless Charger

We turn to more traditional stands for smartphones in the car. This stand also supports wireless charging. The smartphone is supported by gravity, but is tightly fixed.



If the previous charge seemed too expensive for you, this is the closest option to it is half the price.

Buy: Gravity Auto-Locking Car Wireless Charger: $ 19

Qi Wireless Charger For Car Cup Holder

This charge differs from others in that it is mounted in a stand for glasses, and the smartphone is lowered vertically into it.

There is one minus - the number of supported smartphones is limited due to the size of the slot. In addition, you will have one less stand for glasses.

Buy: Qi Wireless Charger For Car Cup Holder

Non-Slip Dashboard Wireless Charging Mat

This charge is flat, but it has a mat againstslip. It is suitable for all smartphones with wireless charging, and if desired, it can be placed vertically, but in this way the smartphone will not charge.

Buy: Non-Slip Dashboard Wireless Charging Mat

Magnetic Qi Wireless Fast Car Charger

It seems like this is the most futuristic charge inour list. She holds the smartphone at the expense of magnets. You can simply put a metal plate under the cover of your smartphone, and it will never fall again while charging.

Buy: Magnetic Qi Wireless Fast Car Charger