6 easy steps to turn your Android smartphone into a laptop

If you are one of those users who don't want to carry a laptop everywhere, then work may appear in

anywhere and anytime, we have a good solution.

Now you can use your Androidsmartphone or tablet as a laptop. Just imagine: turn the smartphone's user interface into a desktop version of the operating system, and when the work is completed, return the mobile interface. How to do it? Read on.

The Andromium OS application isa launcher that was developed as part of the Kickstarter project with the goal of improving the performance of Android smartphones. Recently, any user can use the application on their Android smartphone.

How to turn an Android smartphone into a laptop

Step 1. Install the Andromium applicationOS.

First you need to download the beta version of the Andromium OS application from the Google Play Store. The app is free and you can also use it with Chromecast.

Step 2. Restart your smartphone.

After the application is installed, reboot the mobile device.

Step 3. Enable notification on the desktop.

Now click on the Andromium OS icon on the main screen. The application will request permission for desktop notifications (Desktop Notification).

Step 4. Click the button to start.

Open the notification menu and click on Andromium OS to launch the application.

Step 5. Connect Bluetoothkeyboard and USB-mouse.

After the user interface is changed to the desktop, simply connect a Bluetooth keyboard and a USB mouse via an OTG cable.

Step 6. How to return the mobile interface.

To return the mobile interface of the smartphone to its original appearance, open the Andromium menu in the lower left corner and select Log Out.

So you can turn your Android smartphone into a real laptop.

The Andromium OS application is in beta,therefore, there may be some problems with the speed of work, etc. Nevertheless, it is a good step forward that blurs the line between personal computers and mobile devices.