6 things competitors ridiculed at Apple and then copied themselves

There is such a proverb: "He who laughs last laughs well." Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) on

the technology market has to remember it constantly, especially in relation to Apple. First, they laugh at them, and then ... they start doing the same.

I scold Apple a lot in articles, but for the sake ofobjectivity is worth talking about the other side of the coin. Not all Apple decisions turn out to be correct and stand the test of time (Apple itself sometimes cancels those chips that it first announces with fanfare - but this is already a topic for a separate article), nevertheless, what at first often causes laughter and jokes not only with from the side of buyers, but also from the side of competitors, later becomes the main trend in the market. We will talk about such things today.


And I would like to start with the iPhone itself, becausethat we will still constantly touch on it in this article. When the iPhone was shown to the public (Jobs presented it as three-in-one: an iPod with a large and wide screen, an innovative mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communicator), many laughed. How so? In fact, there is no multitasking, applications cannot be installed (at first it was, yes), files cannot be transferred via Bluetooth, there is only one button ... A useless piece of glass and iron, which everyone will quickly forget about.