$ 600,000 meme: "Nyan Cat" GIF sold at auction

The symbol of the 2000s internet, the Nyan Cat GIF, was sold at a crypto art auction for $ 611,853.

How they sold

The auction was conducted by the author of the original animation CrissTorres on the Foundation cryptoart platform. It all started with a starting price of 3 Ethers (Etherium cryptocurrency), which grew a hundred times during the auction. At the time of writing this is approximately $ 611,850.

The action is timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the meme, especially forFor this event, Criss painted "Nyan Cat" in high definition. According to him, this image exists in a single copy and will no longer be sold.

“I think it's cool to know that you have the only existing piece. I feel like having a Nyan Cat is something special, ”Torres told The Verge.

The auction was sponsored by NFT (non-fungible token), so this Nyan Cat is essentially a unique digital product.

Source: Engadget

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