7 Best iTunes Alternatives

Given that the iTunes player has recently turned 17 years old, for many users it has long ceased to be

the most convenient music management appon the computer and its playback. If you are one of such frustrated users and are looking for a simpler and more intuitive player, welcome to kat: we have collected in this article the 7 best iTunes replacement programs.

As it turned out, there are still manyusers use desktop players and store their audio library on the computer. For example, in the United States, where streaming is the most popular way to “consume” music, in 2017 users bought about 555 million tracks and over 100 million physical albums (which, ironically, they are often digitized after the purchase).

According to the International Federationsound recordings (IFPI), about 44% of those who listen to music buy physical or digital albums and tracks. Of course, this does not directly correspond to the number of users of desktop players like iTunes, but it clearly indicates that this category of applications is not dead and will no longer be relevant for a long time. And that's even considering the popularity of Spotify and Apple Music.

That is why it is not surprising that nowregularly come out and are steadily supported by developers all new music players. Today we will talk about the coolest of them. And, which is especially nice, almost all of these applications are free, so you can relax and clean your wallets (or a bottle of rum).


The Plex toolbox already exists quiteit has long won its audience thanks to the ability to stream your music to mobile applications or via a desktop browser, but the music player itself has appeared relatively recently in the “family”. And his name is Plexamp. And yes, this is definitely a reference to Winamp - not only in the name, but also in the general style of design.

The main task of Plexamp is to collect all youraudio files and present all playlists and albums in the most convenient and attractive way. To do this, you can play around with a lot of built-in templates. As a result, you can achieve that your music library will be amazing not only in content, but also in design.

The application is new and so far it’s definitelyA bit more grinding is required. In addition, for Plexamp to work correctly, you also need to install Plex Media Server (it's free and pretty cool). But in general, if the appearance of the audio library is important to you and you are looking for something simple, but at the same time stylish - we recommend trying Plexamp.

Free Download for Windows / MacOS / Linux


Among iTunes alternatives, it’s hard to find morefunctional and well-designed application than MusicBee. It presents, perhaps, all the features that can be useful to a music lover: from the built-in digitization and precise equalizer CD to scrobbling at Last.fm.

The application quickly enough finds all the musicon the computer - if you wish, you can configure the import of the iTunes library - and will offer various templates for organizing files. If the interface seems overloaded to you, you can activate the alternative Theater Mode.

MusicBee supports smart playlists, a number ofWinamp plugins, synchronization between devices, a wide selection of themes and an active user community. If your computer is on Windows, it is definitely worth trying this player.

Free Download for Windows

Vox music player

But we advise Macovods to pay attention to this minimalistic program - simple and stylish. Download the app, drag and drop multiple tracks to create a playlist - and you can use it.

Although the application itself is free, some functionsAvailable only to Vox Premium account holders ($ 4.99 / month). Subscription allows you to synchronize the library and playlists between devices, play tracks in maximum resolution, adds support for Sonos speakers and advanced playback settings.

There is also built-in support for tracks withSoundCloud and YouTube videos, and this is a great option if you want to have full control over playback, but at the same time do not want to put up with the chaotic organization of functions in iTunes. An iOS version is also available.

Free download for macOS


For many years MediaMonkey has been greatan alternative to iTunes and Windows Media Player and offers users everything that is needed to organize a music library on your computer. Despite the large number of functions, the player is well optimized and “flies”, even if you have a lot of files.

In addition to functions tailored for the organizationlibraries, there is support for podcasts, CD digitization, file conversion, fine-tuning the sound, the ability to load the missing tracks from the album from the Internet, as well as synchronization with iPhone and Android smartphones. You can also send files over the local network and search for tracks by metadata.

The interface, of course, is not the most modern, butwide functionality compensates for this drawback (of course, if design is not the most important element of a media player for you). The premium version ($ 24.95 for unlocking, no subscription fees required) offers improved digitization, faster conversion, advanced search, advanced options for creating playlists and much more. The main thing here is that standard features are more than enough for the everyday tasks of most users.

Free Download for Windows

VLC Media Player

Surely you heard about this player - or evenused it! - but thought of VLC exclusively as a “player that will open any format." Yes, he really can - but at the same time surprisingly worthy of coping with the role of replacing iTunes.

With it, you can create and managea full music library and create simple playlists (there is no support for smart playlists yet). You can try different design options, but the main advantage, as already mentioned, is support for most of the existing audio and video file formats. You will also get access to several filters and effects for the equalizer in case you want to adjust or diversify the sound.

VLC, frankly, not enough stars from the sky whenit’s about design and interface, but it’s free of charge contains everything that you may need (including file transfer over a local network) - so if you are looking for an advanced program and don’t want to pay for premium accounts in other players, VLC can play new colors for you.

Free Download for Windows / macOS / Linux


Swinsian - This word literally translates to“Make a pleasant sound” - is designed in such a way as to be both complex and fast, even if you have to work with a large number of files. The application is designed in the style of iTunes, so that you will feel at home the first time you start.

You can change library display modes fromstandard album covers and grids to a la Finder speakers. The program has all the features for organizing a collection, including a tag editor. You can import the library from iTunes.

Thanks to the ability to view the application insmall window mode and corporate widget, you can control playback without being distracted from the application with which you are working. This program is paid ($ 19.95), but the developer offers a trial period.

Download free trial for macOS


Kodi is another app you could talk abouthear or even use, but never thought of him as a competitor to iTunes. Usually this name is associated with video, not audio, but the powerful features for working with music files and support for most existing desktop and mobile platforms have earned Kodi a place on our list.

This player works with almost everyoneaudio file formats and allows you to view tracks by album, artist, genre, etc. He’s even smarter at creating smart playlists based on specified criteria - just like iTunes.

Import files from a specific folder oriTunes is quite easy and intuitive, and although Kodi was originally designed for large-screen TVs, it works just as well on a PC or laptop. A huge number of themes and extensions are available, which allows you to fully customize the program for yourself.

Free Download for Windows / macOS / Linux