7 car gadgets 70mai ecosystem Xiaomi, which is not ashamed to buy

With the expansion of the ecosystem of smart devices for the home, Xiaomi became interested in another promising

automotive segment. An independent team and a separate brand 70mai were formed for the new direction.

The trademark belongs to Die.Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in March 2016. Its investors include Xiaomi Technology and Chinese OEM / ODM manufacturer Longcheer (developing gadgets for Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo / Motorola). Curiously, the products were originally planned to be released under the MiDrive brand. The corresponding official account appeared on the Weibo social network in early 2017, but when the news spread in the media, the name changed to 70mai or 70 in Chinese. Logo options are also two:

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The 70mai debut took place in the summer of 2017, whenMi Home crowdfunding platform appeared "smart" rear-view mirror with built-in DVR. A device with a 8.88-inch screen and a modified version of Android on board (Mai OS) was taught to recognize voice commands and equipped with an ADAS driver assistance system. Later, other models appeared, including several under the MiJia brand for Xiaomi. All of them are united by a complete lack of localization for the global market. On the English-language website of the company, this category of goods is also not yet available.

We have a manufacturer known for "ordinary"video recorders and other accessories for cars. MiJia Car DVR cameras are also his work. Being guided by an optimum ratio of the price and quality, the brand deserved good reputation. In 2018, he reached the break-even point, and sales of devices exceeded 10 million units. And now that today you can buy in the official 70mai store on AliExpress.

1. DVR 70mai Dash Cam Pro

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The most functional brand recorder is equipped withA 2-inch display, a high-quality 5-megapixel Sony IMX335 matrix and a fast lens with f/1.8 aperture. The viewing angle is stated to be 140 degrees, but it was measured diagonally. The shooting resolution can reach 2592×1944 pixels at 30 frames per second, the codec is H.265. The aspect ratio of the video is 4:3, and to make the videos convenient for viewing on 16:9 screens, you can select a format of 2560 x 1440 pixels. In this case, the frame is simply cropped at the top and bottom; the horizontal view in both modes is approximately 105 degrees.

70mai Dash Cam Pro allows you to adjustthe direction of the camera, but turn it into the salon will not work. DeFog improves image detail in fog / smoke or when glass is steaming, and WDR technology provides a wide dynamic range. As an option, a GPS module is offered. It is used for the operation of the ADAS driver assistance system, which includes three components: control of the distance to the nearest vehicle, warning of the exit from the lane, and warning of the start of movement of a vehicle in front of it. In the next software updates will also be able to display the speed and GPS-coordinates.

Loop recording is shortrolls of 1 minute and cannot be changed. In the 70mai application there is a built-in gallery with the function of exporting video to the memory of a smartphone. When the shock sensor is triggered, a fragment is protected from overwriting. In the parking mode, after detecting movement, the DVR turns on and records the minute video. In the absence of power, the built-in 500 mAh battery lasts about 40 such activations.

In addition to dubbing in the English version70mai Dash Cam Pro has voice control. In Russian, the function is not supported, according to the developers, the required voice engine simply does not have enough flash memory. The manufacturer recommends fixing the recorder through the electrostatic film supplied with the package - there are no traces of it on the glass.

Cost without / with GPS: $ 54.99 / $ 66.99. Want to buy!

2. DVR 70mai Dash Cam

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A simpler model without a display, but withsupport of voice control in Russian in the corresponding version. The recorder is equipped with a sensitive Sony IMX323 sensor and f / 2.2 optics with a viewing angle of 130 degrees diagonally. Video in Full HD quality is written by minute clips to a microSD memory card of up to 64 GB. After filling it, old files are overwritten. With a sharp change in speed, the built-in motion sensor is triggered, and the recording of the moment is stored in a separate folder.

Inside there is a 240 mAh battery, itneeded for safe shutdown during power outages, but no more. For setting it is convenient to use all the same proprietary application, plus the image from the 70mai Dash Cam can be broadcast in real time on the smartphone screen.

In the Russian version of the standard actionsvoiced using speech synthesizer, which does not always guess with stress. Enthusiasts have solved this problem in modified firmware with a human voice. They can be downloaded to the English version of the DVR.

Cost: $ 36.99. Want to buy!

3. Tire Pressure Monitoring System 70mai Tire Safety Monitor

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The kit is also known by another name -70mai Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS). It consists of four sensors and a main unit with a display, to which all information is transmitted via Bluetooth. Pressure is measured in bars, which roughly corresponds to the readings in the atmosphere. In addition, the temperature in each wheel is monitored. The system will notify the owner of the car about excessive heating and low / high pressure, the threshold values ​​are configured in the application 70mai. Supported and notification of punctured tires.

Sensors are installed instead of standard nipples,they cannot be lost or stolen. Each has a marking (left / right, front / back), however, only in the form of Chinese characters. If confusion arises, sensors can be reassigned in the app. The unit with the screen is equipped with a solar panel. When placed under the windshield, it will feed the built-in battery with a capacity of 500 mAh. The case also has a Micro USB port for normal charging on the wire.

The system goes to sleep after 5 minutes of idle car and re-activated when motion is detected. The battery inside the sensors is designed for 10 years of work with an average of 2 hours of driving per day.

Cost: $ 55.99. Want to buy!

4. Car Holder 70mai Wireless Car Charger Mount

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Car holder "2 in 1" supportswireless charging standard Qi power up to 10 watts. The smartphone is held under the weight of its own weight - when installing the lower support is lowered, tightening the side clips. Such a design makes it easy to remove the device with one hand. For compatibility with the maximum number of models, the position of the charging platform is regulated and fixed in one of three positions.

Two options of fastening on a ventilating lattice and a cable are included in the package of delivery, and here the power unit should be bought separately.

Cost: $ 19.99. Want to buy!

5. 70mai Dual USB Car Charger

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As the name suggests, car charging70mai is equipped with two USB ports. Orange supports quick charging Quick Charge 3.0, the second gives a current of not more than one ampere. With simultaneous connection to two connectors, it is possible to obtain up to 3.4 A at a voltage of 5 V. The manufacturer has taken care of the systems for protection against overheating, overheating and short circuit. The body of the adapter is metallic, and thanks to the white circular backlight of the 70mai Dual USB Car Charger it can be clearly seen in the dark.

Cost: $ 12.99. Want to buy!

6. Cigarette Lighter Splitter 70mai Car Cigarette Lighter Charger

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The device allows you to simultaneously connect tocigarette lighter plug up to five devices. On the top panel there are two cigarette lighter sockets (12-24 V, up to 3 A for both) and three USB charging connectors (up to 5 V / 2.4 A on one and maximum 5 V / 4.8 A when using several). It is only necessary to take into account that the 70mai Car Cigarette Lighter Charger is not designed to work with vacuum cleaners and other energy-intensive appliances. Total output power is limited to 60 watts. The splitter is installed in the cup holder, although not fully fit in it.

Cost: $ 19.99. Want to buy!

7. 70mai Car Air Purifier Air Purifier

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Inside this black box is a filterPM2.5 trapping dust, pollen, smoke and other small particles. A quiet fan drives the air through the passenger compartment with a capacity of 60 m³ per hour. Some 10 minutes, and breathing becomes easier. 70mai Car Air Purifier is equipped with an air quality sensor, the current level is displayed using a simple LED-indicator: red light indicates strong pollution, yellow indicates an average level, and when it lights up green, there is nothing to worry about. More information will be displayed in the application 70mai, which will periodically remind you to replace the filter.

The gadget supports multiple modes of operation,starting with fast cleaning and ending with automatic switching on with increasing particle concentration. Power is supplied through the USB cable, and if desired, the cleaner can be used not only in the car. The fan turns off automatically when you lift the top cover to replace the filter. The manufacturer has more expensive cartridges, they additionally purify the air of formaldehyde and help fight persistent odors.

In the box to the 70mai Car Air Purifier put a standard filter and car charger. In the company store on AliExpress you can also buy filters for a shift.

Cost: $ 41.99. Want to buy!

According to 70mai's preliminary plans,In the next few months, another brand DVR, a smart mirror with a complete translation of the interface, and several other new products should appear on the international market. We are waiting, sir!