8 expected features that never appeared in Windows 11

In early October, Microsoft began rolling out Windows 11. However, in the new version of the operating system, some

useful functions were never included. What - the user Arthur396 told about this in an article on Overclockers.

Even though Windows 11 suggests howwrites the author, some new useful features (easier creation of virtual desktops, the presence of widgets, the ability to download Android applications, improved capabilities of Microsoft Teams), there are changes that many hoped to see. But these hopes were never realized.

  1. Vertical arrangement of the taskbar... That is, on the left or right side of the screen. But in the end, this panel is at the bottom - in the middle.
  1. Computer video filming for webcams... Since many have now begun to workremotely, they often use a camera for online meetings. And it would be nice, like the iPhone 12 Pro or the latest Pixel models, to be able to improve image quality.
  1. Faster Windows Updates... The user believes that it would be much more convenient if the update took place in the background. There is a similar one on Chrome OS.
  1. Quick shutdown, restart and wake up from sleep... Unfortunately, Microsoft did not say anything about increasing the speed of these processes.

  1. Three fingers on the touchpad for drag and drop... This feature is available on Mac OS. On Windows, you need to double-click to drag an item.
  1. Easier to change mouse scroll direction... In Windows, you have to enter the registry for this, but MacOS makes it possible to change this parameter in the system settings.
  1. Simplified user account creation... In Windows 11 Home, you need to have a Microsoft account and the Internet.
  1. Improved setup for multiple cameras, webcams, microphones and headsets... When using multiple devices at once on Windows 10, problems arise: for example, the system may ask you to disconnect one of the devices. In Windows 11, there will be no changes in this regard either.

Source: Overclockers