A 3D printer has appeared that will work in the conditions of the moon

Scientists noted that NASA is one step closer to establishing colonies on the Moon and Mars, where they will be

use soil from celestial bodies.Universe Today notes that NASA's latest resupply mission to the International Space Station included an apparatus designed to 3D print regolith on the Moon and other extraterrestrial surfaces.

The Redwire Regolith Print (RRP) project willwork with the existing printer system (ManD) to test the 3D printing capabilities of simulating regolith. If the experiment is successful, the ISS crew will test the material's durability to see if it can withstand the harsh conditions outside of Earth.

NASA invites volunteers to live a year in Martian conditions: how to get on a mission

The researchers note that if the experimentgoes well, the RRP project will bring scientists closer to the fact that astronauts will print the objects they need on almost all space bodies. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of building materials that NASA delivers to the Moon and Mars. Scientists have been working on a soil-based habitat plan for many years, but this test is the first relatively realistic - it is an attempt to 3D print soil under reduced gravity.

Earlier, US Vice President Mike Pence named the namesastronauts selected by NASA to fly to the moon under the Artemis program, the first flight there is scheduled for 2024. A human flight to Mars is planned to be completed in 2045 or 2050.

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