A built-in heavy ad blocker will appear in the Chrome browser

Google has decided to add a built-in ad blocker to its Chrome browser. Truth,

it will block far from all advertising.

What will block

The blocker is designed for "heavy" advertising, which "eats" a lot of resources and slows down the browser.

According to Google, it will be blockedan ad that uses more than 0.1% of the total processor time, or loads the processor more than 0.1% per minute, or uses more than 0.1% of the network bandwidth.

Instead of a blocked ad, the user will see a notification about why the browser removed the ad.

Extensions like uBlock Origin, Ghostery, and AdBlock Plus will continue to be available to those who want to completely abandon ads.

When to expect

The "heavy" ad blocking feature has already appeared in the early test build of Chrome Canary 80. In a stable version of the browser, it is likely to appear with the release of Chrome 80.

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