A bunch of posters of the base Xiaomi 13 and now the official announcement date

Well, the informants once again did not disappoint: Xiaomi was really going to hold a presentation of the flagships Xiaomi 13 and

shell MIUI 14 on the day off.The company has published a series of teasers, some of which we are already familiar with thanks to the same insiders. However, there are quite a few new ones, on which the basic Xiaomi 13 shines with its flat edges in blue eco-leather trim. The inscriptions on the block of cameras specify the parameters of the cameras, among which a 3x telephoto lens should be noted instead of the 2x mentioned in the rumors. Also on one of the posters you can see the screen frames of the device, or rather their almost complete absence, even at the bottom. The company will tell you more about Xiaomi 13 and its Pro version this Sunday, December 11th.

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    Sourced from weibo.com