A car for air purification created in Europe

Auto concern Mercedes has presented a new car for air purification. The car is driven by an electric motor and

cleans the air while driving.

The Sustaineer van is powered by an electric motor powered by solar panels located on the roof. Filters for fine air purification are located near the radiator and under the bottom of the van.

But it's not just about such equipment.Since the Sustaineer is a concept car, its van is made from recycled materials. The brakes are ceramic-coated cast iron discs for increased durability and reduced dust emissions. The car received "biologically active" interior lighting that matches natural sunlight.

The car has road monitoring systems that analyze the road surface and the presence of obstacles, warning the driver of danger.

Neither the price nor the production date of the Sustaineer are known yet, but the manufacturer says that the car will be released with the expectation of mass production.

Source: Mercedes