A city in Japan is trying to recycle all its garbage. Residents have to sort waste into 45 categories!

The city of Kamikatsu is located in western Japan, its population is only 1.5 thousand people. They all have to

sort the garbage and take it yourself to a processing plant located on the outskirts.

45 categories for which garbage is sorted,include all household and food waste - from pillows and toothbrushes to plastic bags and organic waste. Citizens are obliged to wash and dry all plastic bags, bottles and other forms to facilitate recycling, the newspaper notes.

The city is already close to achieving its goal: it processed about 80% of the 286 tons of waste produced in 2017, which is much more than the average for the country, where the figure is 20%. The rest, like most waste in Japan, is burned, because the country's mountainous terrain is considered unsuitable for burial.

Previously, chemists from the University of Berkeley created a newa type of plastic that, they say, can be recycled almost infinitely many times. The material can be decomposed at the molecular level and create new products without any loss of quality.