A device for creating biodegradable plastic appeared in Russia

Researchers from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) presented a new reactor that can

create raw materials for biodegradable plastic.This is a unique instrument that is not represented anywhere in the world, and it works six times faster than similar technologies and synthesizes raw materials more easily, thus reducing production costs.

“The laboratory setup is done, a prototype.The technology for the synthesis of monomers, including biodegradable plastic, has already been obtained. Now samples are being developed, the range of monomers is expanding, ”the scientists noted.

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The researchers explained that the device respondsfor the most expensive plastic production process - the synthesis of monomers. Now scientists are forced to carry out this procedure in several reactors. The device, developed by TPU scientists, allows you to combine all stages in one apparatus, the main transformations occur when the reagents are in a gaseous state. Researchers have already reported on the first results: the new reactor can deliver high-quality raw materials six times faster, and the products are of better quality and cheaper due to lower costs.

Now representatives of the research school are negotiating with major Russian plastic manufacturers - first of all, with Sibur.

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