A fighter escorting Putin hit with a set of weapons

The other day, Vladimir Putin flew on a visit to Syria. The network published a photo of the Su-35S fighter, which

accompanied the presidential plane Il-96-300PU (M1) on the way. The most interesting thing in the picture is the set of weapons that the military aircraft was equipped with.

Su-35S fighter (tail number "64 red")belongs to the group of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia in Syria. As noted by Naked Science, it is rare to see such an impressive arsenal of air-to-air missiles as part of the fighter’s armament.

The picture shows that the Su-35S is armed with a missilethe short-range R-73, the R-27T missile (the medium-range version of the R-27 missile with a passive infrared homing head) and, most likely, the R-77 family missile. The latter has an active homing radar head.