A fireball was noticed over the United States, which flew at a speed of 51 thousand km / h

Researchers have recorded a fireball that flew at a speed of 51,500 km / h across the sky over the South

Caroline. Reported by the American Meteorite Society (AMS).

More than 80 people noticed the fireball, which,according to NASA, was only one of five meteors that flew over the United States that evening. The fiery celestial body "swept over the coast of North Carolina, becoming visible at an altitude of 77 km," - noted in a NASA publication.

The brightly burning meteor moved along a northeastern trajectory, "having passed 42 km through the upper layers of the Earth's atmosphere", and then disintegrated 45 km above the city in North Carolina.

The researchers explained that fireballs aremeteors, which are brighter than Venus, are therefore theoretically visible even in daylight. One example is the fireball that lit up the daytime sky in parts of the UK in March 2021.

This brightness is provided by the large sizecelestial body and tremendous speed, which creates strong friction in contact with the Earth's atmosphere. Since fireballs enter the atmosphere at a speed significantly exceeding the sound barrier - from 40 to 260 thousand km / h. Therefore, according to AMS, they can be accompanied by a very loud sound.

The video, taken by the camera from the porch of a house in North Carolina, shows how a bright celestial body leaves a trail of fire in the night sky, and then disappears behind the crowns of trees.

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